Marvel Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC review *Spoilers*

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Continue your adventures in Marvel’s New York with Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps*. Get access to three post-launch story chapters that include additional missions and challenges, brand new factions of enemies from the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe, and additional suits to unlock.

*Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps is downloadable content for Marvel’s Spider-Man; may be sold separately. Marvel’s Spider-Man required to play associated post-launch story chapters.

Chapter 1: The Heist

While investigating the robbery of a New York art museum, Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson find themselves closing in on Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat. A new storyline featuring the master thief, new enemies and perilous danger takes Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson deep into the city’s shadowy world of crime families.

Chapter 2: Turf Wars

After gaining control of equipment left in the wake of Sable International’s military occupation, Hammerhead and his gang have declared war against the other Dons of the Maggia crime family. Spider-Man and Captain of the Police Department of New York Yuri Watanabe must put an end to the violence before the entire city erupts in a turf war.

Chapter 3: Silver Lining

Silver Sable is back in the action-packed conclusion to Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps. The deadly mercenary is back to reclaim her stolen Sable International tech and gear from the city’s thugs. But with Police Department Captain Yuri Watanabe on administrative leave after her controversial efforts against crime boss Hammerhead, and bigger threats on the horizon, Spider-Man must rely on unlikely allies to keep the city safe from impending calamity.

*Will have spoilers if you didn’t play the main story of Spider-Man

More Spider-Man action!

With the success of Marvel Spider-Man for PS4, Insomniac Studios announced that there was already plans for more fun for players who couldn’t get enough of Spider-Man. If you paid for the Digital Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition, you will have instant access to this season pass, if not, you will have to pay about $25 for the whole package or $10 for every chapter. The City That Never Sleeps features returning characters like Spider-Man, MJ, Yuri and even the annoying Screwball and new enemies such as Black Cat and Hammerhead. The first chapter was released in October, the second was in November and the last one was in December. In this review, I am going to go over the overall DLC pack and give you feedback on the story and content.

The Heist – The Cat Returns

Taking place after the events of Marvel Spider-Man, Spider-Man and his ex-girlfriend/partner Mary Jane team up to protect a piece of art from a suspicious mob group. However, after Spider-Man prevented these gangs from stealing an art, he failed to protect it when the seductive cat burglar Black Cat shows up to claim the priceless portrait. However, she wasn’t after the artwork, but she was after a USB file hidden inside and according to her and Spider-Man, the file is important for her and the mob boss Hammerhead. To make the story more intriguing, Black Cat mentions she is teaming up with Hammerhead and will later betray him in order to save her son. It’s up to Spider-Man to stop Black Cat from risking her life when dealing with Hammerhead and save Black Cat’s son.

Turf Wars – The Don Strikes Back

Taking place after the Heist, Spider-Man along with head of police Yuri and the police are working together to stop Hammerhead and his gang. Unfortunately, the plan fails and Hammerhead and his men ended up killing Yuri’s team and leaving Yuri feeling guilty and having Spider-Man fail to capture Hammerhead. To make matters worse, Hammerhead somehow stolen Silver Sable’s weapons and technology and is using it to wipe out the opposing gang that’s in his way.

Silver Lining – Femme Fatale

After going through extreme lengths to take down Hammerhead, Yuri is force to take a break from her duty after seemingly killing Hammerhead in “Turf Wars”. Unfortunately, Hammerhead is alive and his gang are seeking vengeance against Spider-Man and continuing their mission to rule over New York. Returning from the main story, Silver Sable returns to New York and wants revenge on Hammerhead for stealing her weapons. Spider-Man is trying to team up with her, but Sable refuses to help him since she blames him for allowing Hammerhead to escape and steal her weapons.

Review: Cat Thief, Mob Boss and Silver Hair Mercenary! Oh My!

Let me start off with the good aspects of the DLC. I really enjoyed the main game story and after finishing that, I wanted more so I was quick to download each chapter experience more fun that was not included in the main game. I really like the relationship with Spider-Man and Black Cat and how Spider-Man wanted to change Black Cat and stop her from doing crimes while Black Cat teased him and continuing doing what she does best. In “The Heist”, I really like the plot twist when Black Cat mentioned that she has a son and the reason why she is doing this so she can save him. This makes Spider-Man eager to help her and I like his reaction when he heard that because I wanted to know if Spider-Man was the father. The teamwork with him and Black Cat in combat and stealth missions was fun and reminded me the same dynamics as Batman and Catwoman. In “Turf Wars”, we don’t get Black Cat since it was shown she was killed, but we do get to see the story quickly gets serious with Spider-Man and Yuri. What I like about Spider-Man and Yuri was that they had a friendship very similar to Batman and Commissioner Jim Gordon. Both are heroic vigilantes and they are friends with the head of the police. However, in this chapter, we quickly see how serious and dark when Yuri vows vengeance and even risks her life and job in order to kill Hammerhead. Hammerhead and his men are no push over with the latest hi-tech. His men are equipped with blasters, shields, stolen military cars and even machine guns and they are not afraid to gang up on Spider-Man. The boss battle in “Turf Wars” with Hammerhead and his suit called Project Olympus is a force to be reckon with. Overall, the enemies here in this chapter can range from the difficulty of medium to hard. This is good if you want a good challenge. In “Silver Lining”, we get to see an interesting connection with Spider-Man and Silver Sable. Hammerhead steps back from the spotlight and lets his men do all the action and this shifts the focus mainly on Spider-Man and Sable. I find it pretty funny how Spider-Man tries to be friendly with Sable and get her to loosen up, while Sable is stone cold serious about her mission. Her reasons for trying to get her weapons is to help her country in a war and I like how it is played out and it also introduces Mary Jane’s purpose as a journalist. It was mentioned, she works at the Daily Bugle and she wants to make a difference by reporting news not just in New York, but also in foreign countries. The final boss is Hammerhead again but this time, you are not alone. Silver Sable helps you out against this metal head mob boss. However, just because Sable is helping you doesn’t mean it will be an easy fight. On “Turf Wars”, you fight Hammerhead at a construction site confided in a tight space which prevents Hammherhead from mobility. Since the fight here is out of New York City, Hammerhead is aggressive and will be attacking you like a hungry shark in the seas.

Besides the story and combat, I also like some of side missions in the game. In “The Heist”, you help a cop to retrieve stolen art from Black Cat. At the end of the mission, you find out that the cop is not a cop and it’s Black Cat’s (Felicia Hardy) father Walter Hardy. In “Silver Lining” we get to see what happened to Yuri as you go to certain areas of New York with yellow tape and learn about her and a therapist action towards a certain mob hitman. As the players go through the missions, it gets pretty shocking when you see how desperate Yuri will go when dealing with Hammerhead’s men. By the end of the mission, you see that she has taken a dark twist and she decides to fight crime through her actions and not the law. Overall, the side missions like this makes look at characters at a different perspective and learn about them. As a fun bonus, Miles Morales calls on Spider-Man in regards to his newly awaken spider powers. These conversations reminds me of the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse where Miles seeks training in order to be another Spider-Man like Peter. Also as an added bonus, if you complete all the missions and story, you get to have more costumes from the Spider-Man universe such as the Iron-Spider suit from the comic Civil War, Mangaverse Spider-Man, and even the animated version from the Spider-Verse movie. Unfortunately, they don’t have any perks and the only thing good about them is just to dress to impress.

Now here is the negatives of the DLC. Besides the main missions, the side missions such as Walter Hardy or helping one of Sable’s men can get repetitive and it doesn’t help when you doing a mission and you get distracted by Hammerhead’s crime at the city. One of the biggest nuisance of the game’s DLC is social media prankster Screwball. If you don’t know who is she, Screwball is like the Riddler from Batman, but instead of leaving question marks in the city, Screwball hosts events and sets up crime by using inmates from jail institution Raft and even sets up bombs. She uses these crimes to lure Spider-Man and forces him to stop these actions in order to get more followers online. She first appeared in the main game story and was dispatched by Spider-Man. Unfortunately, she comes back three times to mess with Spider-Man and even hacks into his technology and interrupt his conversation with MJ in order to get his attention. In her missions, players have to either rack up points by doing combat challenges, taking enemies in stealth missions quickly or take down enemies with limited gadgets in gadget missions. Sometimes, you have to follow her drones fast to get a gold medal or even stop bombs real fast. Overall, in three chapters, you are stuck with a “Riddler-like” villain and her obnoxious voice makes me cringe especially when she says “hashtag”. I would rather have Taskmaster to come back instead. Taskmaster’s mission from the main game is somewhat similar to hers, but Taskmaster is more enigmatic and acts cool. My complain with Screwball is more personal and I do want to mention another one I didn’t like and I can tell Spider-Man fans were not pleased. I didn’t like Black Cat’s design. If you know about the Spider-Man comic books, Black Cat was Spider-Man’s “Catwoman of DC comics”where they both act seductive by dialogue and the appearance. Black Cat achieved the language and speech in the game well done, but her appearance wasn’t great as I would imagine. If you look at her costumes in the comics and even the past games (including The Amazing Spider-Man and Sam Raimi version), you can see she had that certain attraction that drew fans to her and made her look appealing. It might be because of Sony’s action, but they changed her clothes into a covered spy outfit which look bland. If you been sleeping under a rock, Sony is attempting to push censorship on anything that may appear suggestive. This also includes Japanese games like removing content from Senran Kagura and even making Dead or Alive 6 “all about fighting”. Sony of America is even pushing it and trying to enforce censorship in Japan as well. So far, the only companies not supporting this is Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam. Overall, Catwoman doesn’t look very attractive like in the comics, but her voice and tone is spot on good.


Marvel Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps is a fun DLC which extends the game’s story and offers us new characters that didn’t make it into the main game. Hammerhead was a tough adversary and was fun villain to face off. It would have been cool to have Kingpin to return and play some part of the story, but I digress. I noticed that these three chapters involve Spider-Man with a female partner and I like how each one plays in each story. Black Cat was fun character to meet even thought I didn’t like how Sony handled her design. Yuri was also an interesting character and I like her character development altered in the last two chapters which gave her a dark personality. The teamwork with Spidey and Sable was pretty fun to experience and I like how Spider-Man was someone who joke around and act optimistic but Sable would be serious and doesn’t have a funny bone. In my eyes, I saw Spider-Man as Deadpool in essence of quips and Sable as Cable in regards to focusing on the mission. I really like the game’s ending as it hints of a possible sequel. If there is a sequel, I would love to play as Miles Morales Spider-Man. Missions was fun at the most part and the ones I care about was the ones where it relates to the characters like Walter Hardy and Yuri. I didn’t care about Screwball and I didn’t hesitate on doing them first. Locking her up was so satisfying and I hoping she doesn’t come back in a possible sequel. I would recommend playing this DLC when you complete the game’s main story first because there is a lot of spoilers after the events with Kingpin and Dr. Octopus and the Sinister Six threat. Overall, this DLC was fun and I did like getting the costumes, but I am assuming we’re not getting the symbiote costume until a second game is release or in the works.

What did you think about this DLC pack? Comment down below on your opinions.

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