Sword Art Online will be “Political Correct” in the future

To all Sword Art Online fans, get ready for major changes for the story of SAO. From the source of ANN, Sword Art Online creator Reki Kawahara is planning to “correct” the roles of the characters in Sword Art Online. During a interview with Dengeki Online with some other creators, he made a comment that the girls he created in the series should have an active role. In his interview, he says he wants to make Sword Art Online “political correct” by making the girls more than just side characters and making them part of the story. He also agrees that gender neutral words should be more used. For example, instead of saying hero or heroine, he wants thinks protagonist and antagonist is better. Also according ComicBook.com, Kawahara mentioned that will most likely won’t be using women as “trophies” in the story. Meaning, he won’t be using explicit moments like attempted rape or other sexual assaults for the story in the future. So moments like Asuna’s attempted rape in the first season of SAO (second to last episode) and SAO: Alicization episode 10 won’t be acceptable for plot device.  In regards to the protagonist topic, he noticed how yuri manga has both girls as protagonists and helping each other; in a way, he wants the idea of motivation for SAO. He also added that this means it won’t downgrade Kirito.

What do you think about this?

Interivew: Anime News Network

Other source: ComicBook.com

16 thoughts on “Sword Art Online will be “Political Correct” in the future

  1. Rather than updating old stories to ‘correct’ them (and in the process actively destroy the history of how we got to current discussions), why not create something new that demonstrates the ideals they are aspiring too?

  2. Not using girls as explicitly side characters is a good thing. The more characters with meaningful roles and realized stories the better.

    It’d be hard to criticize a creator for not including sexual assault and rape, it’s their story after all. The question is why. Is it avoid tough discussions and realism or are they of the misguided opinion that it’ll just go away if no one talks about it?

    Like Karandi says, there’s no point adjusting the past to create this sanitized perfect world that doesn’t exist. Make something new with the aspirations and changes you seek to make.

    • Yeah you’re right. It would be nice to see the girls more apparent and being part of the series rather than being side characters.

      That’s a good question. I guess he doesn’t want people to feel bothered by these topics. Just like you and Karandai said, he should do something new. Rather trying to forget the past, let’s try to move on to the future and start doing different.

  3. To me, the often negative term “political correctness” should mean “show all kinds of social and cultural dynamics of the world and not always be pigeon-holed into what is considered traditional”.

    So if the author has all these side characters, why not give them a good role in the story? Let’s not stick with using characters of the opposite gender of the protagonist as nothing but bait.

    As for scenes involving sexual assaults, a lot of times, it’s used as a way for the usual male hero to save the damsel in distress just in time. These types of scenes don’t need to be eliminated, but an author could go into the psychological ramifications for the victim or perhaps, at times, flip the script and show how men can be victims of sexual assault.

    • That would be better. If they just appear and become vital to the story, it could make things better. That would be a game changer if the roles were flipped but it is important to know that men can get assaulted. It’s one of those things we hear but not often. Most of the time, women are attacked and we hear it often.

  4. I like the idea, but honestly, what’s been done is done already. I’d rather him make a brand new story with all new characters to fall in love with. Plus, as a fan, I don’t like the idea of suddenly changing the way characters are treated just because the masses might disagree. It may be a step in the right direction, but any changes now could change how we’ve come to know these characters as is; it’d be sudden, too forceful if done wrong.

    I’m glad that Kawahara is just trying to create the best story and characters possible while also factoring the audience’s criticisms. It just goes to show he cares about his writing, and everyone who follows his work.

    • Yeah you do make a good point. In a way, he is listening to his fans from over here. He wants to be able to satisfy us and try to make everyone happy. Also, like you said, what is done is done and there’s not much he can do now since he did develop these characters. I do like the idea of creating a story where everyone is involved. Maybe this change is not that bad and scary. What do we got to lose.

  5. Is this stories in the future or a reboot? I’m all for strong female characters stepping up and getting rid of the type of stuff that seemed to prevail in the second arc going forward. I agree with others in his thread over how I don’t want things erased.

  6. I say let the man have his fun, it’s not like SAO is really worth saving at this point, nor would it make any sense for the characters to suddenly become interesting now.
    As has already been said a few times, it’s probably a better idea to just start over and give strong, smart female leads the representation they actually deserve.

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