Friday Funny 200: I love anime and android girls!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another fun Friday of Friday Funny. I hope you all are doing well in this winter month. I will admit, February is probably at its worst in winter because some people have snow, rain or even both with a hint of hail. Either way, I hope you guys are warm and safe. To those who have to deal with this climate and go places like school and work, I pray for your safety. Today is an interesting day because today it involves otaku related news. Besides February being home of Valentines Day, we also have this month of anime month! Today is the official release of the anime crossover fighting game Jump Force. Jump Force is now on PS4, X1 and PC. The last Jump game we had was J-Stars Victory Vs+ and it was only for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Now in this new game, you can play on X1 and PC with over 40 characters from Shonen Jump titles. You can stick with the classics like One Piece, Dragon Ball or go straight to the new generation like Black Clover and My Hero Academia. You can even create your original character and have them team up with the Jump Heroes and save the real world and Jump World. Let me know what’s your opinion towards this game. If I get this game, I’m making the original Big Three which has Luffy, Naruto and Ichigo. I can’t wait to defeat Goku with my Yugi. Let’s hope it doesn’t become like Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Also, today is the movie release of the live action movie Battle Angel Alita is based on the cyberpunk manga series created by Yukito Kishiro. There was an anime OVA version of this licensed by ADV which consists of two episodes. Now in 2019, James Cameron, the director of well known movies like Titanic and Avatar, takes the helm of this movie and give us live action movie based on the manga. With this news, I hope your anime month is going great. Go watch anime, read manga or even buy anime/manga related merchandise and be proud of your hobbies. Do you like mech series like Gundam or Gurren Lagann? Drill through the heavens and be proud! Do you like Shonen series with characters that inspire you take challenges? Enjoy them and believe it! Do you still cry when watching a romantic anime series? Let those feelings out and grab a case of tissues!

Let’s get this started you weebs!

Here is the recent movie trailer for Alita: Battle Angel. If you’re interested to watching this movie, go check it out!

To end this Friday post, here is some Shonen Jump Op songs to hype you for Jump Force!