Dragon Ball Super: Broly film DVD release date revealed! Exclusive Retail bonus!

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Good news Dragon Ball fans! If you either saw Dragon Ball Super: Broly at theaters this past January or you missed out, I got some good news for you.

Funimation announced that the movie is set to be released for home video release on April 16. The anime movie will include a DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital combo at retails such as Funimation and Best Buy. But wait, there is more good news, or it can be bad news depending on where to buy this DVD. Depending where you buy it, you will also get an exclusive bonus for your purchase. Buying the movie from Funimation gives you a Goku standee. Best Buy will give you a steelbook case for your DVD. Rightstuf will give you the Vegeta standee, but according to Anime News Network, the release date for the Rightstuf version is unknown.

Where are you planning to buy this movie? Comment down below and don’t forget to donate to my Ko-fi:



4 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super: Broly film DVD release date revealed! Exclusive Retail bonus!

    • I have been waiting for a release date for this movie. I missed out on seeing this in theaters and I want to see the hype. Broly is one of my favorite DB movie villain. Next question is this: where do I pre-order lol?

      • Good question, I wonder which place is gonna have the best deal. Personally I’m thinking Amazon should be a good bet, at least you’ll also get the 2 day shipping thing. You’re definitely gonna love the film, it does Broly justice and there’s really no weak aspect of the movie

      • You can’t go wrong with Amazon. Thanks to two day shipping, you can get it fast. I am debating for a steelcase or might get it from rightstuf. Either way, I am planning to buy this. I did hear fans say that Broly was better than the DBZ version.

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