Friday Funny 201: Time for some memes!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another Friday. I hope everyone is safe and warm inside rather than being in the rain and the snow. There’s nothing new I have to share so this is going to be really short, it’s mostly going to be a recap. Alita: Battle Angel, from I heard, it’s doing pretty well and it’s a good adaptation to the manga. Someone said online that Alita is a great female lead to the movie and it might even do better than the upcoming Captain Marvel movie in regards to character. Jump Force is already out and the reviews are mixed. Some people say it’s a really fun game where you can play as your favorite anime and fight other characters, but the game suffers from flaws such as connecting attacks and animation in the story. Final Fantasy XV fans can rejoice in new upcoming content for this year. Episode Ardyn is coming out this March and the cancelled DLC are coming back in novel format. This is the last Friday of February and next week is my favorite month, March. It’s only a matter of time before the winter is over and spring will give us warmth.

Shall we begin the memes if you have time?


Check out this funny Valentines Day video made by my aniblogger Lita πŸ™‚

To end this post, I am going to do something fun similar to last week’s Friday post. Last week, I added anime opening songs that were Shonen Jump in dedication to the new game Jump Force. This week, I am going to be adding non-Shonen Jump OP songs. Which characters should join Jump Force regardless if they are from Jump or not? Who can take on someone strong as Goku? These are the series that should save the world, Jump World and game review. This is all just a joke lol!

Just a bonus and it doesn’t count, but I will add this. If Dai from Dragon Quest can join Jump Force, then add these four bois!