Pokemon Sword and Shield announced

Today is Pokemon Day and what better way to start the day with an exciting new game! Nintendo unveiled the 8th generation Pokemon game and the game(s) is called Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. These two games will be on the Nintendo Switch similar to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. It’s only a bit of footage, but we got to see the first look on the starter Pokemon. The grass type Pokemon is Grookey, the fire type is named Scorbunny and the water type Pokemon is Sobble.

The game is expected to come out in late 2019 for Switch,

4 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword and Shield announced

  1. I’m definitely gonna try and get the Sword version! The starters look great and I think this could definitely end up being one of the best Pokemon titles of all time. (I know it’s bold to say this so soon but I have high hopes for the game)

  2. Oh … gotta think about this one.

    Grookey = “Offenhonor”. As in Offen the German word for monkey, and the old “honor and offer” joke. “Branch DuBois” for female.

    Scorbunny = “Welsh Friday” (or maybe “Welsh Tart” with the heart symbol between the name for females.)

    Sobble = “Dollop” for females. “Booze Bellew” for males.

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