Sakura Wars PS4 game announced!

Get ready PS4 owners, Sega is releasing a new video game and it’s currently exclusive for PS4 users. Highly popular in Japan, Sega announced that there is a new Sakura Wars game. Currently, the game doesn’t have an official name and it’s going by the name PROJECT Sakura Wars. While I do not know this series, there is one piece of news I found quite enticing. It’s been revealed that Bleach creator Tite Kubo is involved in this game and he helped design the main characters.

According to Sega, the game will have a “battle” and “action” game system and players can form bonds with characters. The game is set to be released in spring 2020 for PS4.



The Promise Neverland joins Toonami! Second season confirmed!

Great news anime fans! It’s been announced that the popular spring anime that’s trending online The Promise Neverland will be heading towards Toonami! The Promise Neverland will be joining Toonami on April 13th. The anime first aired on Japanese TV January 10th but it also streamed globally. The anime has also concluded the first season and a second season is planned to be made and release on 2020.

Speaking of Toonami, according to ANN, the anime Sword Art Online: Alicization will have two episodes on April 6th.

The Promise Neverland is a manga created by story writer Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu. The series appeared in Japan and in the North America version of Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump (same company who owns Naruto, Bleach and One Piece). The books can be purchased print and digital.

Friday Funny 206: Have you ever seen an elephant fly?


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for a fun day today at my site where I host Friday Funny. We finally made it Friday and this is the last full week of March. Can you believe that we’re heading towards April? Before we begin, here is a brief recap of the week. This week had two birthdays. March 26th was my mother’s birthday and March 28th was my birthday. Two separate birthdays in one week. In other news, Square Enix released the last DLC of Final Fantasy XV called Episode Ardyn. Players and fans can finally play as the game’s villain and play the story before FFXV began. In Marvel, I hope you are prepared to watch a very long movie because it’s been confirmed that the upcoming movie Avengers: Endgame will have a total of 3 hours and 2 minutes. If you do plan to see this movie, make sure you bring a lot of snacks and use the latrines to empty out everything. Now here is the theme of today. Today is the live action release of the Disney movie Dumbo. The live action movie will be directed by Tim Burton who is well known for doing movies like Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. The original cartoon movie of Dumbo was in theaters in 1941. Now we are in 2019, get ready for this movie and be prepared for the rest of the upcoming Disney movies!

Let’s begin Friday!


To help you kick start the weekend, here are some Dumbo videos and songs:

See you next week!

Happy 25th Birthday – Thank You everyone!

This is picture when I was barely starting to blog and it was given to me by Mel of Marvelously Mismatched

Good morning everyone or afternoon or evening for some. I just quickly want to say that today’s my birthday and I want to tell you guys that I thank you for supporting me and my website. As I turn 25 today, my life will be entering a new chapter and I will face new trials. As I go through life, I will do my best to remain myself and still be me even my age continues to grow. I want to thank my family for raising me and teaching me to love and respect people. I thank God for protecting me and guiding me a life that he planned out for me. I want to thank my real life friends like Ezra and Allison for sticking by me for all these years. I hope my support for them will help them in life and I hope to see them fulfill their dreams. I especially want to thank you guys who is reading this small post. Thank you supporting my site and always taking time off to visit. As I continue to write, I will do my best to help and encourage you all to follow your passions and I hope you don’t shy away from your feelings. I will continue to watch anime, read manga, watch movies and play more video games. I am a child in heart. Thank you for making for the help. Thank you for the kindness you gave me. Thank you for your feedback.

What-if?: Top 5 what-if episodes for Final Fantasy XV

As you may have noticed, Square Enix just announced that they released the last DLC for the game Final Fantasy XV. The last DLC is called Episode Ardyn and it allows players to play as the game’s antagonist Ardyn Izunia and get revenge on the people that turned against him years ago. Originally, Episode Ardyn was going to be part of a DLC pack called Dawn of the Future where players will be able to download and play this episode and other Episodes called Episode Lunafreya, Aranea and Noctis. Unfortunately, the plans were cancelled, but the episodes will still come back as a novel. As of now, excluding Comrades, we have Episodes Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis and Ardyn. In this post I made, I want to share some interesting ideas what-if the plans for DLC was not cancelled and we got to see more stories on other characters. I compiled a top 5 list for characters to have their share of the story.

What-if we had:

5. Episode Cindy

What if we could play the car mechanic Cindy? It may sound weird because Cindy never fights in the game, and according to fans, she’s the fanservice of the game. She’s well known for taking care of Noctis’ car, the Regalia. She did have a big role in the Assassin’s Creed Festival event where she wanted to help Noctis save her friend Holly from Loqi. She also was part of missions in Comrades. What if Square took the time to show more development for her and made her a strong woman type character. She could be helping the remaining glaives during the ten year darkness and this could be an opportunity to explore her past. It was revealed by Cid that CIndy lost her parents from the daemons and she was raised by him. It would be interesting to see how far will Cindy go to go against the Empire and Daemons. We might get information Cid as well.

4. Episode Iris

What if Iris got attention? Iris is the little sister of Gladiolus and she is also a childhood friend of Noctis. She has a crush on him as well. She teams up with you for a bit as you try to escort her away from the Empire. She knows how to fight hand to hand combat and she has her cute Moogle doll to fight with. She’s also a great healer. It would be an interesting story to see her perspective in the story and learn about her relationship with Noctis. Her adventure could take place during the ten years of darkness or during the story where she is helping people escape from Old Lestallum.

3. Episode Nyx Ulric

What if you were a glaive like Nyx? Nyx first appeared in the CGI movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. He is a character who helps Lunafreya escape from Crown City when the Empire took over and destroyed the kingdom. What if you could play as this guy in his youth years or still in training as a glaive? His gameplay would probably feel like a mix between Noctis because he is the given the ability to warp and and he would like Ignis because he is an expert with his daggers. It would be cool to play in his eyes and explore Crown City and interact characters from the movie like Crowe and Libertus.

2. Episode Cor

What if Cor had more action time? Cor made his appearance early on the game and he helped Noctis fight against the Niflheim enemy Loqi. It only took some downloads for him to get some attention again. In Episode Gladiolus, he helped Gladio to take the trials to fight against Gilgamesh. In the Royal Edition update, he shows up 10 years later and helps Noctis take back Crown City. I would love to play as Cor and see what has been doing while Noctis and his friends were on a road trip. It was mentioned in the game, he was helping hunters. Cor is a tough man and when  fought him in Episode Gladiolus, this guy brought me down in a flash. Cor would be a fun character to use in combat.

1. Episode Regis (young version)

What if Square gave us a story based on Noctis father King Regis? Regis is an interesting man who has the same powers of Noctis and he even knows of the tragic fate for his son. It would be interesting to see what would be like if we could play as a young version of Regis in his early years of being king. We did kind of had the chance to play as Regis in his youth in his free game A King’s Tale where Regis told young Noctis a story about himself saving the Crystal. It would be awesome to play as Regis and have his friends work together to face against monsters and the Empire. It would be a bonus to see young characters like Cid, Clarus, Weskham and probably Cor.

These are my top five characters I would love to see happen. Do you have any ideas for yourself? Comment down below!

(*Update 3/27/19*) Kameha Con drama: Vic is in, DB staff is out?!

UPDATE 3/27/19

Besides Vic Migogna and Tiffany Vollmer attenting Kameha Con, it’s been announced that more classic Dragon Ball voice actors will be attending this upcoming April. It’s been announced that Elise Baughman (voice of Pan from Dragon Ball GT), Rick Robertson (voice of Dabura), Chuck Huber (voice of Android 17, Garlic Jr., Emperor Pilaf), Laura Steele (Young Krillin in Dragon Ball) and Stephanie Nadolny (Gohan and kid Goku in the classic Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball and GT) will be attending this convention. Chuck Huber will only appear on Friday, April 12th.


This is an intense battle between Dragon Ball fans and voice actors for this upcoming Kameha Con. Kameha Con is an unofficial convention dedicated to Dragon Ball fans. Not only fans of the series meet up and express their interests in the series, but voice actors for the series such as actors like Chris Sabat participates and meets the fans. However the news I am about to present may either influence you to visit or not and cancel plans. Beyond this post, I am not going to share my opinions. It will be objective.

It’s been announced that the veteran voice actor Vic Migogna, who voiced Dragon Ball characters Broly and Burter (in Dragon Ball Z Kai version), was re-invited to Kameha Con. As most anime fans know, Vic Migogna has been accused for sexual harassment and assault according to his fans. Based on reports from voices of the fans, he gave unwanted hugs and kisses. However, according to other fans that defend him, these reports are likely false because of lack of evidence and reports. Regardless, despite whether they are true or false, Vic has been fired from Rooster Teeth and will not be voicing Qrow from RWBY. He also been fired from Funimation as well. Vic has been removed by a majority of upcoming conventions However, some cons like Kamehame Con and HawaiCon are giving Vic a chance and some believe he’s innocent.

For Vic fans or I Stand With Vic fans, this is good news and they are happy to see Vic getting respect and seeing how some people defend and believe he’s innocent. However, this also brings in bad news for the ones who oppose this. The Kick Vic fans, people who believe Vic is guilty, disapprove this idea because not only they don’t like Vic, but this also leads to cancelled plans for the voice actors. It’s been confirmed that voice actors Monica Rial (voice of Bulma from Dragon Ball Super and Z Kai), Daman Mills (voice of Frieza and Monoka in Dragon Ball Super. He voiced Frieza temporary because Chris Ayres was ill), Josh Grelle (voice of Grand Minister) and Jason Douglass (the voice of Beerus) cancelled their plans.

However, there is one guest that is making an appearance and classic fans will always remember her as Bulma.  Tiffany Vollmer will be joining Kameha Con with VIc Migogna. Tiffany voiced Bulma in the classic anime of Dragon Ball, DBZ, and Dragon Ball GT.

Kameha Con will be on April 12th-14th.


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Neon Genesis Evangelion release date in Netflix reveal

If you still have Netflix, I got some exciting news! If you remembered a while back, Netflix announced that they will be streaming the classic anime mecha series Neon Genesis Evangelion. It was announced yesterday that Neon Genesis Evangelion will be joining Netflix on June 21, 2019 this summer. The anime will have all the 26 episodes including the two movies, Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion.



My Hero Academia 2nd Film announced!

Great news My Hero Academia fans, the popular Shonen series is getting another film! Revealed at AnimeJapan2019, My Hero Academia will be receiving a second film this upcoming winter. The movie will have manga author Kohei Horikoshi supervising the project along with the the director of the fist movie Kenji Nagasaki and screenwriter Yosuke Kuroda. Anime’s character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi and soundtrack composer Yuuki Hayashi will be returning to this movie.

The first movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes made its first debut in theaters in August 2018. Funimation hosted the anime in English Dub in  July.


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