Friday Funny 202: Stop Singing Let it Go!


Thank God It’s Friday! Yes, thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another episode of Friday Funny. Today is the official day of March and this means we are getting close to the season of Spring. Let’s move on from February, my least favorite month of the year. February was one of heck of a month for me personally. I didn’t care about the snow because I had to deal with snow storms and trying to get to work. Shoveling snow is not fun either when you have to shovel the steps outside. Also to add on to the stress, we have that controversial news about Vic Migogna. If you don’t know what I am talking about, it happened right around after the movie release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Once the movie was out, many fans made accusations on for the voice actor Vic who is accused of harassing his fans by hugging and kissing without consent. It got to the point where Rooster Teeth and Funimation fired him and will be recasted on the characters he done. So far, I don’t know the status right now on the situation, but I really wish this drama will pass on soon. I am tired of seeing fans divided and even resort to hate and violence to reach their goals for the argument. On a small positive note, I saw the movie Alita Battle Angel and it was awesome! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won an Oscar and defeated Disney’s movies such as Ralph Breaks the Internet and Incredibles 2. Nintendo released the trailer of the upcoming games Pokemon Sword and Shield for Switch. Overall, February was a mess in my opinion, but I guess that’s from mostly from the internet. We’re in March and I hope this month gets better for us. We have spring coming up to warm us against summer, we have Captain Marvel and Dumbo and we’re getting Episode Ardyn for Final Fantasy XV.

With this said, let’s try and warm up winter!

Since yesterday was Wednesday was Pokemon Day, here are some anime openings to Pokemon according to their generation and the recent trailer of Detective Pikachu!

That’s all folks!

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