Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha manga review

Rightstuf describes it:

Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha! Manga Volume 1 features story from Akira Toriyama and art by dragongarow LEE.

A Japanese high school student is on his way to a Dragon Ball event and makes a detour to hit on a cute girl. Unfortunately, he meets with an unfortunate and fatal accident before he reaches her and, to his great surprise, wakes up in the Dragon Ball universe as Yamcha! Being a Dragon Ball fan, he knows exactly what misery awaits him as Yamcha, so he takes matters into his own hands and vows to make Yamcha the strongest Dragon Ball character ever!

*This review is spoiler-free. I won’t spoil anything!

What If?

Admit it, we all had that what if story in our head whenever we get engage into a story and we tried to make our own story. In Marvel comics, it is quite common to have what if stories such as what if Spider-Man was part of the Fantastic Four or having Captain America as a Nazi undercover Hydra Soldier. In DC, we had stories what if Kent Clark was raised by Batman’s parents instead and what if Superman was a hero in Soviet Russia instead of being born in America. Dragon Ball is no exception since we have video games such as Xenoverse where players can create their own fighter and fight along the heroes of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Heroes is another example where players can team up with characters from the classic Dragon Ball, Z, Super and even GT and fight evil. As a kid, I even came up with a crazy story where kid Gohan got amnesia and got kidnapped by Frieza and he became a servant and fought against Goku and Piccolo. I was a kid with a vivid imagination. I am pretty sure you are one of those people who would fuse characters like mixing Goku and Vegeta and getting Vegito and Gogeta. In this manga I read, what if the weakest character became the strongest warrior, possibly stronger as Goku?

Who is Dragon Garow Lee?

According to the Dragon Ball Wiki, Dragon Garow Lee is a manga writer in Japan that wrote this Yamcha manga. He is described as a doujinshi, is a self published writer of manga and if given permission by professional writers, they can get their works published. Doujinshi is basically an indie writer. This manga was given permission by Shueisha and Akira Toriyama so he can get his work published.

Plot: A Dragon Ball Isekai story?

The story begins with a regular student enjoying life with his friend and discussing an upcoming Dragon Ball event. One day, he sees a pretty girl walking and decides to try and look under her skirt; unfortunately, he trips and falls which causes him to die. He wakes up in Yamcha’s body and ends being part of the Dragon Ball world. He’s happy to be in this world because he gets to be in the same world with his Dragon Ball crush Bulma, but he is not happy that he was reincarnated as Yamcha. Surprisingly, by using his vast knowledge of Dragon Ball, this newly reincarnated Yamcha plans to make himself the strongest warrior of Dragon Ball.

Review: Yamcha is the new hero!

Reading this manga, I have to say that this Yamcha manga was pretty entertaining and clever. I love Dragon Ball and having a what if story is a fanservice I enjoy. As a Dragon Ball fan, I know Yamcha is actually the weakest character of the Z-Fighters and he is a total joke online and in the community. However, this manga shows that even the weakest character can be the strongest if you use your mind correctly. I like the idea of having a normal person use the Dragon Ball knowledge and using it in Dragon Ball and becoming someone stronger than Goku. Overall, the main concept is quite fun and pretty entertaining. I really like the trivial facts of Dragon Ball where the protagonist tries to remember everything from the manga and anime to fight in battles where Yamcha is supposed to lose. When you do buy the manga, you will get two special chapters and I won’t spoil them since I want you guys to see it for yourself.

Unfortunately, there are some areas in which I want to talk about in this manga. The pacing of the manga goes really fast. As you read the manga, you will be jumping around and get brief details on how Yamcha gets strong. We don’t get to see every epic moment which is kind of disappointing. I wish the manga was expanded into at ;east a short series so we can see how far Yamcha will go in Dragon Ball. I wish Shueisha and Akira Toriyama would allow more what if stories of Dragon Ball manga for more viewing pleasures.

Conclusion: Worth buying/reading?

Was Dragon Ball: That Time I got Reincarnated as Yamcha worth reading? Yes, but I recommend it for Dragon Ball fans. Dragon Ball fans will most likely to enjoy this series for the humor and unexpected plot twists. The story combines the Isekai theme with a classic story of Dragon Ball and focusing on the least expected character of the series. Just like the classic Dragon Ball, this manga is filled with humor and comedy and having Yamcha has the new focus is a nice treat. The only thing I would say that I would want to see is more Yamcha adventures in the Dragon Ball world. You do get to see images of Yamcha fighting and training but you don’t see it happen that much in the story; you only see it in between chapters. I was enjoying the manga and I was disappointed to see that I finished it pretty fast. Overall, it’s a very short manga and if you like Dragon Ball, what if stories and Isekai genra stories, you will like it. If you like Yamcha, it will be an added bonus.

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4 thoughts on “Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha manga review

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  2. Yeah, I thought this one was pretty decent. I wasn’t a fan of the main character, but I do like the premise of being able to jump into a DBZ manga and change things up a bit.

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