Friday Funny 203: The Cosmic 90’s Heroine


Thank God it’s Friday! Wassup my peeps! Welcome back  to another Friday special. Today is the second Friday of March and we are still in winter. I hope nobody got washed away from floods and/or got buried in snow in these harsh cold weathers. I got some news to share for you this weekend. Saturday midnight/Sunday early morning we have Daylight Savings. We spring forward and we lose an hour; we get more daylight in a day but we lose an hour of sleep. Next on the news, we have the first MCU marvel of 2019 and it’s the debut solo movie Captain Marvel. Taking place before the Avengers formed together and being in the 90’s, Caorl Denvers is equipped with Kree blood and powers in which she becomes an unstoppable warrior who must stop the evil shapeshifting aliens the Skrulls. Joining her is the young Nick Fury and a small and a cute cat named Moose. Get to know this character before we get to Avengers: Endgame. Last but not least, Capcom fans can rejoice of the anticipated sequel of Devil May Cry. Today is the release of Devil May Cry V. Players can play as Dante, Nero and V and fight against demons. According to my blogger friend Mallow, this game takes after Devil May Cry 2

So put down your keyblades and take a break from fighting ninja girls and strap on your devil breakers because Capcom is giving fans what they want. With this said, let’s begin this awesome Friday!

Here is a Captain Marvel trailer and some 90’s nostagia!

Where are my 90’s fans?

90’s cartoon intros:

Let’s end this with nostalgia overload!

Goodbye 90’s fans!

14 thoughts on “Friday Funny 203: The Cosmic 90’s Heroine

    • I hear it’s pretty good. I like the seeing the previews of her powers and fighting in space. I played the demo too and I was surprised how good the game is.

      • Me too, the demo was fun. I’ve still got a couple of games I’m just finishing off, I’m a bit of a completist like that LOL, but then think I’ll DMC5 🙂

      • The demo was great and I can’t believe I haven’t played of the past DMC games. I might have to check it out before I get into this new one. So far, this game is promising with combat. 🙂

      • I’ve played the first 3 DMC games, they were all really good, especially the original and the 3rd game. The new DMC5 looks a lot of fun to play 🙂

      • They look pretty good. I think I could get them in a good price. I hear the third one was good because you can play the special edition with goodies 🙂

      • That’s right. I think the first 3 games are available as a HD collection, while the 4th game is just PS4 I think. There was also a game called DMC, which was a standalone adventure I think, but I’ve never played that or the 4th game.

      • Yeah I am thinking about getting the collection game in the future. I did see they have the fourth game on the PSN store. I heard about the standalone DMC game. I heard many fans didn’t like that version. Still, I would liek to play some classic hack and slash gaming.

      • Yes, The standalone game DMC wasn’t very popular. The fourth game might be worth getting as that sets up some of the chracters in the 5th game I think.

      • You’re right. From I what I hear from fans, many people really like the established characters like Dante, Nero, Virgil, Trish and Lady. I remember the 4th game introduced Nero and I thought he was cool.

      • Yeah I hear that was pretty cool and fun to play way back in the PS3 and X360 era. At least this one takes place after 5, surprisingly lol.

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