Final Evangelion Film beings recording dialogue

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It’s been a while since we heard anything Evangelion related except for the news that Netflix will have all the classic episodes and the movies. It’s been announced that the production of the last Evangelion movie has begun and will be doing the audio recording for dialogue. Posted online, anime director Hideaki Anno posted the script for  Evangelion Shin Gekijōban :|| also known as Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0.

Film Staff:

  • CGI Animation Director: Yusuke Matsui
  • CGI Technical Director: Takashi Suzuki
  • CGI Modeling Director: Manabu Kobayashi
  • CGI Animation: Masanori IwasatoRyōichi Nakama
  • Rigging: Tsubasa Takabe
  • Photography: Nanae HirabayashiHiroaki YabeToyonori Yamada
  • Monitor Graphics: Hiroyasu Kobayashi
  • Key Animation: Syūichi Iseki
  • In-between Animation: Studio Khara
  • Color Setting: Kazuko Kikuchi (Wish)
  • Background Art: Tatsuya Kushida (Deho Gallery)

The final Evangelion movie is expected to be released in 2020, the same time where Japan where be hosting the Olympus.




Kill la Kill IF game Global Release Date *Update: Kill la KIll English Dub trailer


Arc System Works and game developer Aplus Games just released the English Dub trailer of Kill la Kill. Even though the text is in Japanese, English voice actor of Mako and Ryuko are here to present the game’s features:

source: Crunchyroll

I got some exciting news for anime and game lovers. It’s been announced that the anticipated video game Kill la Kill IF has a release date and it will be on Japan, Europe and North America. Game publisher PQube and developed Arc System Works announced on the official website of the game that Kill la Kill will be available for purchase at Japan on July 25th and in the US and UK will be on July 26th. This game will be for PS4, Switch and PC. It’s already been announced that the game will have English Dub and Sub. The game will also be having two free downloadable characters and they are Mako Mankanshoku and Ultimate Double Naked DTR.

European version will be selling 1,500 copies of the limited edition which has the following (Japan will have this one as well):

  • original art book
  • soundtrack
  • Mak-Roquette Squeezie

Europe version exclusive:

Fight Club-spec Two-Star Goku Uniform President Mako Mankanshoku’ Keychain

Key art made by character designer Sushio:

Are you planning to get this game?



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Kid Goku GT joins FighterZ

We finally got news on who is going to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Joining as a DLC character, we have Goku from a different series called Dragon Ball GT. In this GT version, Goku is reverted back as a kid because of the black star Dragon Balls. Goku can use his power pole and still use his iconic moves like the Spirit Bomb and Kamehame Ha. There is no news of release yet.

When he is ready to be purchase, you purchase him in the season pass 2 or separately. It’s been confirmed that Broly from Dragon Ball Super: Broly and SSBSS Gogeta will be in Dragon Ball FighterZ but they will appear later on the year as the last DLC for season pass 2. Here is the confirmed DLC in season pass 2:

  1. Jiren
  2. Videl
  3. Goku (DBGT)
  4. Broly (DBS)
  5. Gogeta SSBSS
  6. unconfirmed

What do you think about Goku GT? Who do you think will be the last confirmed character?