Friday Funny 205: Hosted by the 2,000 year old hot villain and Ifrit


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome my brethren and welcome my fellow strangers. I, Matthew, is here to bring you good tidings and some whimsical humor for your day. Today is Friday and I will share you with some quick recap news to refresh your memory and I will then share you some memes. This week we got some video games news from anime such as Dragon Ball and Kill la Kill. Dragon Ball FighterZ fans will be able to play as GT Goku from Dragon Ball GT as the next character. So many Gokus and so little space for DLC. Kill la Kill IF: the game has just revealed that the game will be released not only in Japan, but also in North America and Europe. If you like Kill la Kill and you like both dubs, you should go on financial budget and save up for this game for you PS4, Switch or PC. The game is expected to be released on July. For Jump Force fans, get ready for a certain duelist and his dragon to join the fight. It’s been announced that Seto Kaiba will be joining Jump Force later this spring. Speaking of spring, we are officially in spring! I am hoping the weather will warm up and give us comfortable weather with a mix of hot and cold. Last but not least, we have the upcoming (and possibly the last) DLC for Final Fantasy XV. On March 26th on Tuesday, we have the Episode Ardyn. Ardyn is Final Fantasy XV’s main villain and in this DLC, players will be Ardyn Lucis Caelum and seek vengeance on his own kind. With the power of his daemon powers and the astral Ifrit, he is going to show his wrath upon Crown City. This game will take place years before Noctis was born, but you will face against King Regis and his servants. Please be sure to check out the prologue anime as well to see a glimpse of Ardyn’s past and his brother Somnus and his love Aera. If you have Final Fantasy XV, I hope you are ready for another story and you want to play as this charming character, go and buy this exciting tale. For the record, Ardyn did not threaten me to write those adjectives about him.

Check out the anime

Gameplay only trailer

Anyway, let’s begin this Friday!

To conclude this post, here are some catchy songs which I made as a playlist to describe Ardyn. You can check out the other playlist for the Final Fantasy XV characters: Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis.

Ardyn’s playlist:

That is everything. It is done!

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