(*Update 3/27/19*) Kameha Con drama: Vic is in, DB staff is out?!

UPDATE 3/27/19

Besides Vic Migogna and Tiffany Vollmer attenting Kameha Con, it’s been announced that more classic Dragon Ball voice actors will be attending this upcoming April. It’s been announced that Elise Baughman (voice of Pan from Dragon Ball GT), Rick Robertson (voice of Dabura), Chuck Huber (voice of Android 17, Garlic Jr., Emperor Pilaf), Laura Steele (Young Krillin in Dragon Ball) and Stephanie Nadolny (Gohan and kid Goku in the classic Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball and GT) will be attending this convention. Chuck Huber will only appear on Friday, April 12th.


This is an intense battle between Dragon Ball fans and voice actors for this upcoming Kameha Con. Kameha Con is an unofficial convention dedicated to Dragon Ball fans. Not only fans of the series meet up and express their interests in the series, but voice actors for the series such as actors like Chris Sabat participates and meets the fans. However the news I am about to present may either influence you to visit or not and cancel plans. Beyond this post, I am not going to share my opinions. It will be objective.

It’s been announced that the veteran voice actor Vic Migogna, who voiced Dragon Ball characters Broly and Burter (in Dragon Ball Z Kai version), was re-invited to Kameha Con. As most anime fans know, Vic Migogna has been accused for sexual harassment and assault according to his fans. Based on reports from voices of the fans, he gave unwanted hugs and kisses. However, according to other fans that defend him, these reports are likely false because of lack of evidence and reports. Regardless, despite whether they are true or false, Vic has been fired from Rooster Teeth and will not be voicing Qrow from RWBY. He also been fired from Funimation as well. Vic has been removed by a majority of upcoming conventions However, some cons like Kamehame Con and HawaiCon are giving Vic a chance and some believe he’s innocent.

For Vic fans or I Stand With Vic fans, this is good news and they are happy to see Vic getting respect and seeing how some people defend and believe he’s innocent. However, this also brings in bad news for the ones who oppose this. The Kick Vic fans, people who believe Vic is guilty, disapprove this idea because not only they don’t like Vic, but this also leads to cancelled plans for the voice actors. It’s been confirmed that voice actors Monica Rial (voice of Bulma from Dragon Ball Super and Z Kai), Daman Mills (voice of Frieza and Monoka in Dragon Ball Super. He voiced Frieza temporary because Chris Ayres was ill), Josh Grelle (voice of Grand Minister) and Jason Douglass (the voice of Beerus) cancelled their plans.

However, there is one guest that is making an appearance and classic fans will always remember her as Bulma.  Tiffany Vollmer will be joining Kameha Con with VIc Migogna. Tiffany voiced Bulma in the classic anime of Dragon Ball, DBZ, and Dragon Ball GT.

Kameha Con will be on April 12th-14th.


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4 thoughts on “(*Update 3/27/19*) Kameha Con drama: Vic is in, DB staff is out?!

  1. It really saddens me that these popular VAs have withdrawn from the guest list. The VA of Zeno has also cancelled her appearance in the con. I’m not blaming anyone for whatever decisions they have made. I know they have their own reasons that shouldn’t be disclosed further, and I respect them. However, I’m not against Vic either. I am a big fan of him that I even can’t take all the accusations they have aggressively thrown to him. The DB community has become toxic lately, and I just hope that Kameha Con will still go on its way to deliver great excitement to many fans as it has always been through the years.

    • Yeah I agree with you. Regardless of the accusations of Vic, inviting Vic to a con with the DB staff really took a turn for the worst. These fans paid for tickets to see their heroes. I know Monica said she will instead be in a venue and will do autographs but she won’t be at the con in the same room with Vic. I feel like the Dragon Ball community really went down and it’s very upsetting to see.

  2. Hope both cons and celebrities update their contracts after this. Use some fair legal-ese to make it easier to cancel/pull out in situations like this — although I hope there’s no similar situations in the future!

    • I agree. Not many people are liking the news and they feel betrayed that these people are dropping out. Hopefully something gets updated. The Dragon Ball fandom is going down hill.

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