Happy 25th Birthday – Thank You everyone!

This is picture when I was barely starting to blog and it was given to me by Mel of Marvelously Mismatched

Good morning everyone or afternoon or evening for some. I just quickly want to say that today’s my birthday and I want to tell you guys that I thank you for supporting me and my website. As I turn 25 today, my life will be entering a new chapter and I will face new trials. As I go through life, I will do my best to remain myself and still be me even my age continues to grow. I want to thank my family for raising me and teaching me to love and respect people. I thank God for protecting me and guiding me a life that he planned out for me. I want to thank my real life friends like Ezra and Allison for sticking by me for all these years. I hope my support for them will help them in life and I hope to see them fulfill their dreams. I especially want to thank you guys who is reading this small post. Thank you supporting my site and always taking time off to visit. As I continue to write, I will do my best to help and encourage you all to follow your passions and I hope you don’t shy away from your feelings. I will continue to watch anime, read manga, watch movies and play more video games. I am a child in heart. Thank you for making for the help. Thank you for the kindness you gave me. Thank you for your feedback.

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