Feeling green? Funimation confirms the green tint controversy in the Broly movie

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Dragon Ball Super Broly is one of the most successful Dragon Ball movies ever no doubt about that. The movie made over millions of dollars and it gained positive feedback from the fans. Funimation released the movie in April for a DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital combo pack for anyone wanting to own the movie in their hands. However, many fans noticed something really different when watching the movie in Blu-Ray disc. Fans/viewers noticed that the movie had a “green tint” in the animation. This is just for the Blu-Ray version by the way.

Thanks to ANN, Funimation responded to this controversy:

Funimation‘s home entertainment release of “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” utilized the same master as the U.S. & Canadian movie release. It is identical to what audiences watched in North American theaters earlier this year.

According to Funimation, the way fans are seeing this is exactly how it is in the movie theaters. Even so, many fans have complained about this. I have this movie in both Blu-Ray and DVD. From my experience, the DVD version has better quality in picture than Blu-Ray. I haven’t tried the digital yet.

Did you noticed the green tint in your copy or did you luck out?

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Kingdom Hearts III pre-ordered keyblades are now purchasable !

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Remember the old post news I wrote about Kingdom Hearts III where depending where you pre-order the game, players will be given an exclusive free code to redeem a Keyblade? I got some interesting news to share with you I just found out today from Square Enix. Good news, Square Enix announced through a tweet that the keyblade weapons you could only get from pre-order are now available through the PSN and Xbox Live. Bad news, you have to buy them and according to the American currency, it’s $2.99 each. Worse news, you’re not going to get all of them since some is exclusive to the PS4 and Xbox One. Meaning, if you want the Phantom Green Keyblade, you need to pay and you need an Xbox One. For PS4 users, you can get the Midnight Blue. The only weapon is not exclusive is the Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade. Since I only have a PS4, I could only get 2 out of the 3 keyblades.

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