Friday Funny 212: I choose you Ryan Reynolds!

Pika Pi!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another exciting and fun Friday in Friday Funny. As you all know, today is another movie release in theaters. It has been a long time and nobody expected this to happen, but we’re finally getting a live action Pokemon movie. It’s not based on the anime with Ash or the games such as Red and Blue. Instead the movie is based on the game Detective Pikachu. In Pokemon Detective Pikachu, viewers will finally see realistic live action Pokemon! Voicing the talking Pikachu is Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and he is going to be partnered with actor Justice Smith. According to reviews, it’s actually a funny and good live action movie. A realistic Pikachu looks better than the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Who knows, this could lead on to a Super Smash Bros Initiative movie and we might get phases like the MCU. Besides Pokemon, Marvel just revealed the next and last MCU movie of this year. Taking place after Endgames, we have Spider-Man: Far From Home. I am not going to talk about it because it does take place after Endgame and it has spoilers to the previous movie; however, it does mention multiverses. Still, if you haven’t seen Endgame, go watch it now! May is going to release another live action movie but it’s Aladdin from the Disney cartoon movie. Don’t forget this weekend is Mother’s Day! Please be sure to show your mom how much you love them!

With this said, let’s go catch some Pikachus!

Here are some videos to hype you this weekend:

Here are some video game movies that should join the Smash Bros Initiative:


Later gamers!

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