Friday Funny 213: The best memes lives in the lockers


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back once again to another episode of Friday Funny from yours truly, Matthew. I hope everyone is having a great week. We are in the middle of May and so much as been going on in the internet and in the world. I was able to see Detective Pikachu in the movie theaters and it was a blast. Seeing live action Pokemon was something worth seeing. We finally got a new trailer for the upcoming video game Final Fantasy VII Remake which shows some updated combat scenes and a HD version of the characters like Aerith. Speaking of movies, get ready for upcoming movies for this month such as Aladdin and Godzilla: The King of the Monsters. In June, get read for another Marvel movie but it’s not MCU (Disney-Marvel). In June we have Fox-Marvel and it’s the return of the X-Men. The new movie is called Dark Phoenix and it focuses on one of the team members named Phoenix who turns evil. Last but not, Sega is releasing a Sonic game but it involves racing. The game is called Team Sonic Racing and it’s coming on Switch, PS4 and X1. Players can play as Sonic characters and race around in iconic zones and even customize their vehicles. Step aside Mario, Sonic is behind you with some killer music from the iconic rock band Crush 40.

Get your game on!

To hype you for the new Team Sonic Racing game, check out these funny episodes of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive

Here are some track songs included in the game along with Crush 40 new song “Green Light Ride”.

See you in the race!