Detective Pikachu movie experience

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I love this gif.

It’s not going to be a review, but more like an experience I want to share. It’s going to be a short post.

Going to the movies is my favorite hobby especially since I live near my local theaters. On Wednesday last week, I went to see the movie Detective Pikachu by myself. The movie theaters gave an exclusive Pokemon trading card pack which has two cards. Surprisingly, when I went to find a seat, there was nobody here. In a weird way, I thought it was cool. I felt like I owned this entire place to myself. I truly felt like I was a king like T’challa in Black Panther. All hail the king. The cards I got was a Pikachu card and a Jigglypuff card. The movie itself was actually pretty good. I like Ryan Reynolds voice of Pikachu and seeing Pikachu in live action is so cute. I wish I could hug him but then I might end up getting electrocuted. I would recommend this movie to anyone who still loves Pokemon. This movie gave me vibes and flashbacks from Pokemon: The First Movie.

Having the whole room to myself was an awesome experience in my opinion. Have you ever had the whole place to yourself?

6 thoughts on “Detective Pikachu movie experience

  1. When there was no one else in the theater, I made it a point to dance in front of the screen and run around just because I could. And talked in a loud voice. Hasn’t happened in a long time though.

    • Haha that sounds pretty awesome. It must be fun to do that when no one was here. I was alone and I was looking at my phone during the trailers . Even though nobody was here, I did spoil Endgame.

  2. Four decades ago I once went to a 2nd run theater to see a movie. The theater was on Western Ave., just south of Hollywood. I think it was a Memorial Day matinee of “Coming Home”, a pic about the emotional aftermath of the Vietnam War with Jane Fonda, Jon Voight. and Bruce Dern. In 1979, Vietnam was still a desperately touchy issue.

    Since I was the only customer for that showing they gave me the $3 ticket for free.

    • Wow that must been an experience for you. It was nice that they gave you a free ticket. Memorial Day is a very important holiday. God bless the troops.

  3. Empty theaters are always awesome! Been a super long time since I got to experience something like that. Glad you enjoyed the movie, it was definitely pretty fun

    • Thanks. It sure did feel different. I been to theaters were there wasn’t a lot of people in the past. I guess it’s a rare occasion that I was able to have the whole place to myself. Then again, I did go in the middle of the week.

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