Elite 4: Upcoming Pokemon Projects!

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Pokemon fans, I hope you brought your Poke balls because The Pokemon Company International has four major announcements for you trainers. In a series of tweets, we’ll be getting some awesome projects such as neat features for Pokemon Go, Detective Pikachu and a Pokemon game.

1. Detective Pikachu for Switch

Based on the 3DS spinoff and also based on the Warner Bros live action movie, the game Detective Pikachu is heading towards the Nintendo Switch. According to the Pokemon website, the new Switch version will have a new entry that is different the 3DS version. Originally in the 3DS, Detective Pikachu ended with a cliffhanger. If you have a Switch and you want to see the game’s conclusion, get ready to save your money. There is no further details yet.

2. Pokemon Home

With so many Pokemon in video games, it’s hard to keep track on what you have and where to keep them. It’s been announced that there is plans of a cloud service called Pokemon Home where trainers can store Pokemon and manage their collection through an app. According to the website, Pokemon Home will be available to use on iOS and Android devices. You can use the service on Pokemon titles like Pokemon Go, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield and even Pokemon Bank.

3. Pokemon Sleep

Similar to the walking GPS game Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sleep is going to be a new app game where the game will detect your sleep patterns.  Based on the tweets, you will be able to interact with Pokemon through sleeping and waking up instead of walking around and there will be a device similar to Pokemon Go Plus.

Pokemon Home and Pokemon Sleep will be available in mobile devices in 2020.

4. Pokemon Masters

Last but not least get ready for a new Pokemon game app. According to Twitter and the site, The Pokemon Company and game company DeNA will be working together to create this Pokemon game for mobile devices. This new game will allow players to compete against trainers and even face against classic characters from the Pokemon world. It’s scheduled to be release in 2019 but June will give us details on it.


Pokemon Company International

4 thoughts on “Elite 4: Upcoming Pokemon Projects!

  1. Pokemon Masters looks interesting of course. Not surprising they finally got around to Detective Pikachu 2 because of the movie, but glad to hear it. Curious how they won’t make it like the movie.

    • I never played Detective Pikachu, but I bet now they’re doing this since a lot of people are seeing the movie and want to keep giving fans what they want. Pokemon Masters sounds like it’s going to be interesting as well.

  2. Pokemon Masters definitely looks right up my alley. It’s been a while since I got a new mobile game, but this is definitely one that I’ve got to check out

    • Yeah I didn’t think they would do a Pokemon game for the phone. Last time I played a Pokemon a game was years ago when they made the Magikarp game and the puzzle game.

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