Square Enix Avengers will be at E3

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It’s been about two years since the announcement of the project video game Avengers. The project teaser trailer was released in 2017 and the game is being worked on with the partnership with Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment. Today, Marvel Entertainment announced that the project video game Marvel’s Avengers will make an appearance this upcoming summer in E3 2019 at June 10th PM. E3 will begin in June 11th-13th.

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6 thoughts on “Square Enix Avengers will be at E3

    • Me too. Square Enix is going to be busy showing us the games they been working on for years. Now that big games Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV is done, they can now focus on these games.

    • I almost forgot about this game. The only Marvel games I was mostly interested was the PS4 Spider-Man game and the upcoming Ultimate Alliance 3 game.

      • There’s a rumor that this one could be in the same continuity as the PS4 game so that would definitely make it a little more interesting. Hopefully this actually is the case!

      • Really? That would be awesome if it was connected to Spider-Man PS4. I kind of wish this rumor was true. If it was true, we can see what the Avengers were doing while Spider-Man was protecting New York.

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