Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield 6/5/19 game update news

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In case you missed it, Nintendo released a Pokemon Direct game news in regards to the game Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. I am not going to talk about every single detail, but I will tell you the biggest highlights in the trailer provided. Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the 8th generation of Pokemon and players will take part of the adventure in the Galar Region. The game will be coming out this year in November for the Nintendo Switch. In this trailer, we are given new battle mechanics such as Dynamaxing and raid battles. In Dynamaxing, trainers will be able to send out their Pokemon as giants in which will increase a Pokemon’s power. Unfortunately, the transformation will only lasts for three turns in one battler. In raid battles, you can team up with other players and work together to catch powerful Pokemon similar to Pokemon Go. There is also new characters in this game such as the Pokemon Champion named Leon and he has younger brother who will also be your rival; his name is Hop. The professor in this game is named Professor Magnolia and her granddaughter is Sonia. Last but not least, the legendary Pokemons are revealed: the sword-wielding Pokemon named Zacian and shield-protecting Pokemon Zamazenta.

Are you ready for Pokemon?

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2 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield 6/5/19 game update news

    • Yeah you’re right. I am so behind on Pokemon games. I definitely want to go and get Shield. This game looks like a huge improvement that the past titles. I might want to still get Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee.

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