Final Fantasy VII Remake full trailer revealed!

You waited and been teased and now it’s here! Revealed yesterday, Square Enix released a short trailer of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Now, the Square Enix conference has officially a full trailer of teaser trailer. The trailer reveals the game’s combat and updated characters and story. The gameplay reveals that players will be able to switch out characters in combat such as Cloud, Barrett, Aerith and finally revealed, Tifa!

The game will be released for the PS4 on March 3, 2020. You can even pre-order the game in three different versions. You can either pre-order the game standard, deluxe or 1st Class Edition.

Standard Edtion:

  • game
  • one summon materia (Chocobo Chick)

Deluxe Edition includes:

  • game
  • steelbook case
  • artbook
  • mini CD
  • 2 summon materia (Chocobo Chick and Cactuar)

1st Class Edition includes the following:

  • Game
  • Steelbook case
  • Cloud Strife on bike figure
  • artbook
  • mini CD
  • 3 bonus summon materia (Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle, and Cactuar)

If you are planning to get this game, which version are you going to get?

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII Remake full trailer revealed!

  1. Got a Deluxe preordered. Also have two standards I have preordered from long ago on other deals. Carbuncle looks cute and I wish physical deluxe came with it.

    Battle system looks better than I expected. Disappointed that it’s Midgar only though and the English voice cast has been unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

    • I am thinking about getting the Deluxe too. Carbuncle reminds me of the same one from FFXV except in that game you had to play the Platinum Demo to get it. It kind of sucks you can’t get all the summons unless you buy 1st class. Hopefully as time passes we get to see more of the game besides Midgar.

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