Final Fantasy VIII remaster announcement!

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If Final Fantasy VII Remake wasn’t enough for you, Square Enix got you covered. Announced at the Square Enix conference, the long awaited classic game Final Fantasy VIII will be heading to your consoles and PC this year. Just like the games Final Fantasy X/X-2, Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XII, the remastered game will be called Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be on PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One this year. Grab your gunblades and prepare a fantasy adventure!

6 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VIII remaster announcement!

    • You’re welcome :). I didn’t think this game was ever going to get remastered. I am happy to see it’s getting the love and attention. This game will also be in all platforms too.

  1. This looks like a day 1 for me. There were a lot of great games at E3 of course, but I’m holding myself to 4 pre orders. (Mario Maker 2, Pokemon Sword, FFVIII, and Alter Chain) This one looks dynamite

      • Definitely agreed, Nintendo continues their annual tradition of winning E3. The others are gonna need to step up if they want to dethrone them

      • I personally think they won. The other games from Microsoft and Square Enix looked cool, but I think Nintendo was ready and gave us what we been waiting for. So glad to have a Switch.

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