Marvel Avenger’s game news: No Loot boxes, yes on microtransactions!

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Recently, Square Enix revealed at their conference day at E3 last week the collaboration game Marvel’s Avengers. With Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Marvel Games working together, players will be able to play as the superhero team the Avengers and play as the five characters according to the trailer (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Black Widow). The game is expected to be released on May 2020 for PS4, X1, PC and Stadia. This game will be a single and cooperative game.

If you are going to pre-order this game, make sure you go on a strict budget because this game is going to make you want to spend more after you pay to own. According to IGN and One Angry Gamer, Marvel’s Avengers will have microtransactions! According to the One Angry Gamer site, IGN interviewed Crystal Dynamics and the lead director  Shaun Escayg in regards to any loot boxes and microtransactions in this game.

“There will be custom outfits that you can purchase in microtransactions.”

– Shaun Escayg

The microtransactions will be available in this game for players who wants to buy and customize the character’s costumes and edit your player cards. There won’t be loot boxes or pay to win features.



One Angry Gamer

4 thoughts on “Marvel Avenger’s game news: No Loot boxes, yes on microtransactions!

  1. I am more excited about Ultimate Alliance 3 than this game. Hopefully no one pre-orders this game, at this stage, as there is no way of knowing how good/bad it is. With respect to loot boxes, I think we will see more microtransactions and less boxes going forward. Companies are taking note of new laws that countries are adopting.

    • Yeah me too. Ultimate Alliance 3 looks promising and doesn’t look like it’s asking more money. As much as I like Marvel, I don’t really like the idea of having to pay for little things like custom costumes. I wish it was like Marvel Spider-Man where you unlock them in game progress. I am also glad that they’re not doing loot boxes otherwise we will have another big problem.

    • Yeah I agree. I know some places consider loot boxes as gambling and we don’t want to deal with that. I would rather know what am I spending instead of paying for something random.

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