One Piece Stampede reveals new trailer!

Summer is heating up in the anime community this year. As you all know, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is getting involved with the anime in anticipation for the upcoming 14th film ONE PIECE STAMPEDE.  One Piece Stampede will be in theaters in Japan on August 9th and it will have the singing band WANIMA and the new song is “GONG”. Today, according to Crunchyroll, Japan has just revealed an extended trailer highlighting the movie’s new antagonists and story plot. We also get to see the main cast the Straw Hat Pirates along with friends and foes and they’re struggle against the villain Bullet. According to the trailer, Bullet was once a crew member of the late Pirate King Gold Rodger.

If you are in Japan and you are the first 3 million of the people watching this movie, you will be given a special manga.

The team finally made an all-star movie! Awesome!

– Eiichiro Oda

2 thoughts on “One Piece Stampede reveals new trailer!

  1. This looks really good. I’m pretty far behind on the One Piece films, but this one and Film Z both look really solid. Almost feels like a DBZ title with all this action

    • Yeah I agree! The only One Piece movie I seen was Gold. I haven’t seen Strong World and Z. Stampede looks like it might be good as Dragon Ball Super Broly.

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