Attack on Titan final season announced!

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Some great series will have to come to an end eventually. It’s been recently announced that the insanely popular anime Attack on Titan will be entering the final season. Recently, Attack on Titan has just been streaming the second part of season three. With season three officially over, it’s been confirmed by the Japanese company Pony Canyon that the titan killing anime Attack on Titan be getting the fourth and last season. The last season will be released for streaming in the Fall of 2020.

The anime has a total of three seasons. The final season should be following to the manga’s conclusion of the story.




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2 thoughts on “Attack on Titan final season announced!

  1. Good to know that AOT won’t be one of those shows that finishes with a non-ending, like many anime do. Is the manga close to concluding? I would worry if this is going to cap off with an anime original finale.

    • Yeah I am actually surprised that they want to end this anime. I haven’t been following the manga, but I know the series has been going further than the anime. I think by the time we reach 2020, maybe the manga will be done and the anime can copy it.

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