My Hero Academia 2nd movie details

If you like the first movie, get ready for the second movie. If you are in Japan, this movie will make a great Christmas gift. It’s already been announced that there is plans of a second My Hero Academia movie. Recently announced in a event, the second movie is going to be titled My Hero Academia The Movie Heroes: Rising. The event revealed the Key visuals and the BONES staff team will be back to create this movie. Surprisingly, the My Hero Academia creator Horikoshi announced that the movie is going to be using original materials which were planned to be in the final battle in the original story. The movie is expected to be release in Japan on December 20th.



4 thoughts on “My Hero Academia 2nd movie details

  1. Good to see MHA returning with another movie. I’m interested about those final battle concepts, I wonder if the author switched it for the movie or if he had already scrapped it and thought the idea was still cool for a different fight

    • I was thinking about the final battle concept. I bet he is going to use rough drafts versions and use it on this movie so he doesn’t spoil how the story is going to end in the original story.

      • Me too. I haven’t been reading the manga often, but I hear the story is getting intense every chapter. If that’s true, I am curious to see what does the creator have in store for us for the final battle pr what was his intentions. I bet the movie is going to surpass the first one.

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