Nintendo Switch Lite announced!

Hello gamers! If you been thinking about getting the Nintendo Switch, but you want to get it for an affordable price, Nintendo may have the answers you are looking for. It’s been announced today that Nintendo is re-releasing a whole new version of the Nintendo Switch called the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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According to the details, the Nintendo Switch Lite, will be a smaller version of the traditional Switch console. The price on the Lite version will be around $199 and it will have three different colors and an upcoming Pokemon version for the game Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The main difference between the Lite and the regular Switch is that the Lite is going to be a dedicated handheld console. You can not play the game in a docking station and it won’t have the IR motion and rumble feature. It will have the new D-Pad button controll and the battery life is way better. If you want to play motion base games like 1-2 Switch, you will need an additional Joy-con controllers. The Nintendo Switch Lite is expected to be released on September 20th for $200.


8 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Lite announced!

  1. I think the regular Switch is the better value, especially since it has been on sale fairly regularly for $250. Even with the improvements, I don’t see why anyone would give up games that use motion controls and occasional TV play.

    • Yeah I would rather play the regular Switch than get the Lite version. The Lite version looks nice, but I like the option to play it handheld or with the docking station.

  2. Definitely an interesting choice to make a purely mobile Switch. Definitely not for me, but I suppose if you really wanna only play it on the go it’s not a bad idea. I’ll pass on this one though

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