FLCL: Progressive DVD release news!

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Remember the random short anime FLCL (Fooly Cooly)? I got some exciting news for you! It’s been announced that the sequel FLCL: Progressive will be heading out on DVD this fall. According to the news of Comic Book, FLCL: Progressive will be on DVD on October 1st, 2019. FLCL: Progressive is the sequel to the 2001 FLCL anime. The DVD will include special features which talks about the creators of the anime and the music band “The Pillows”.


2 thoughts on “FLCL: Progressive DVD release news!

  1. I have a couple of old blogs about Progressive and Alternative.

    They say it is a sequel but it is not. That hurt their reviews because a lot of people were expecting the same characters and a continuation of the plot. It didn’t happen.

    FLCL Progressive and Alternative need to be seen as complete reimaginings. Haruko Haruhara and Medical Mechanica still mix things up but the similarity ends there. However, all the FLCL are still about the difficult process of sexual, physical and emotional maturation.

    The original was about a prepubescent boy resisting the changes coming on. FLCL Progressive is about a group of teenagers struggling with adolescent sexuality. They are well and fully into the raging hormonal storm that is puberty.

    Alternative has a crew of four 17-year-old girl-women. Most of the raging hormones are under some minimal control. This time the lesson was all about being true to yourself and not putting on an act just so others like you. It is also about accepting change and experiencing loss.

    These are really good anime. You should not expect them to be a continuation of the original FLCL. That will ruin them for you.

    • That’s a really good analyses. You did an awesome job on describing each series. It’s weird that they say it’s a sequel but yet it doesn’t mention anything from the original series. I really like you described all three of the series. I had a feeling there was some deep meaning in each anime, but I couldn’t figure it out what they were trying to say. I might have to go back and rewatch FLCL again. Thank you for explaining this.

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