Batman Beyond Blu-Ray Collection announced!

Batman fans rejoice! This weekend is San Diego Comic Con 2019 and this means we are going to be getting a lot of news in regards to movies, comic books, anime and even video games. Today I got some exciting news to tell you if you love the classic Batman: The Animated Series show. If you have Batman: The Animated Series collection, you might want to save up for this Batman collection. It’s been announced that the sequel, spinoff Batman Beyond will be coming back in a Blu-Ray collection set. The set is expected to come out on Blu-Ray October 29th and a digital version on October 15th.

To celebrate the 20 years of this cartoon, this collection will come out as a Limited Edition set with a total of 52 episodes. 41 episodes out of the 52 will be remastered without film grain, 35 mm film and enhancing resolution.Β  This collection will have bonus features that includes commentary from series creator Bruce Timm, four art cards, a remastered movie of Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker and an exclusive Pop Funko figure of Batman. According to IGN, the digital collection of this will be about $49.99 and the physical set is $99.99.

6 thoughts on “Batman Beyond Blu-Ray Collection announced!

    • Yeah I agree with you too. I want to get this and put it with my Batman collection. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will buy it in day one. It’s way too pricey lol. XD

  1. Only downer for me is that I had just gotten the complete series on DVD so I think I’ll need to skip out on this one. Hopefully the sales are still really good so we get the next season

    • I see. I might just wait a bit myself for this one. It’s tempting because of that Funko Pop figure, but I am going to have to save up 100 dollars for this one.

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