Anime News: English Dub for MHA season 4 and Dr. Stone

Hello anime fans! I am here to bring some awesome news for your anime interest. Some of you may not be able to participate in San Diego’s Comic Con 2019, but you can rely on the internet to give you the latest scoop. In the anime news of Comic Con, I got some news for you if you like English Dub. Funimation has just released a trailer for the upcoming fourth season of My Hero Academia. If you love the anime so far, get ready because this anime is already set for the English Dub. The trailer reveals that the English Dub will be happening on October.

In regards to English Dub, if you been following the manga from Shonen Jump, you might have noticed the news of the sci-fi series Dr. Stone. The hit manga already has an anime and today, Funimation has just released the SimulDub of Dr. Stone. You can watch the anime in English Subbed or Dubbed. Funimation has revealed the English cast for the first episode and even announced the crew behind the dub.

ADR Director: Clifford Chapin

ADR Script Writer: Tyler Walker

ADR Engineer: Manuel Aragon

English Cast:

Senku: Aaron Dismuke

Taiju: Ricco Fajardo

Yuzuriha: Brittany Lauda


My Hero Academia

Dr. Stone

Friday Funny 222: The Circle of Life


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome lion lovers for a glorious Friday Funny episode. I want to say this is the most exciting post I been wanting to do for a long time. Today is the movie premiere of the live action Disney movie The Lion King. This 1994 classic movie is one of Disney’s greatest animated movies and it’s a fan favorite for classic fans and new fans. Here we are in 2019 and this legendary movie is back in live action. With the creative team who made the live action movie The Jungle Book, The Lion King will re-relieve the epic moments of young Simba learning how to become the true king after witnessing a tragedy and he must reclaim his kingdom from his evil uncle, Scar. The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie and ever since I was a kid, I grew fond of the characters, story telling and the music. While some kids of today like to listen to Frozen songs, I prefer the Lion King songs. If you saved enough money after spending on Prime Day, you should check out the movie and see if it lives up to everyone expectations. In Prime Day, I just bought the Batman: The Animated Series Blu-Ray/Digital collection. It’s worth the money since you are paying a lot to have the Blu-Ray discs and the digital copies of all the Batman episodes and the two movies: The Mask of Phantasm and Sub-Zero.

If you still want to buy something, today is the official release of the Nintendo Switch game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order. In this game, you can create your own personal Marvel character team and take on enemies such as Thanos, Kingpin, Ultron and many more. This game will be done by Team Ninja and this game will give players the opportunity to create an epic team with members from the X-Men, Avengers, Defenders and even Fantastic Four. Last but not least, if you want anime, you have two options. Rightstuf is selling anime and manga with discount prices as a way to celebrate the 32 years of selling anime. The second option is you can buy anime from Sentai Filmworks. They are slashing prices and if you are fortunate, you can even snag some premium editions of anime where you can get DVD/Blu-Ray combos and even exclusive merchandise. Unfortunately, the sale will be ending on 7/21.

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Check out some nostalgia music from The Lion King.

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