[July 2019 OWLS] Boruto – Technology, the tools of hope.

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For this month’s topic, we will be discussing how technology impacts our relationships with others and how it improves our lives (such as in communication, education, and etc.) by exploring the technology used in various anime and pop culture worlds.

*Minor spoilers!

Please go and read Carla’s post at Pop Culture Literary.

Technology never stops!

Have you ever stopped and think about what if we never had the things we hold in possession? For example, can you live a day without your smartphone? Do you even remember that the first phone was a telephone instead of calling it a smart phone? Do you remember renting VHS movies from Blockbuster? As someone who was born in the 90s I remember growing up in a simple time. I remember that the only way to watch TV was set the TV on channel three and watch cartoons. As a kid, I used to rent a lo of Nintendo 64 games and played hours. I used to play Pokemon Snap, Donkey Kong Country 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. For Playstation, I remember playing hours on Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. Whether, you were born in the 90s or even 80s, you gotta admit, life was much more simple. People back then got their information from reading newspapers or even watching the news on TV on a certain time slot. Before streaming shows, you had to either watch your shows on the day it was shown or record your shows through an empty VHS cassette. In video games, people didn’t think about online or DLCs. People would buy a game any time a company decided to release a game. You might be one of the few people who owns all the Street Fighter 2 games. There was no update downloads, no raging ten years yelling through the mic or no video game disorders. Here we are in 2019, we see how technology is changing the way we live. People don’t usually watch TV and they usually watch it on demand through Hulu and Netflix. People are able to play online and interact with players through game consoles and PC. The computer is no longer limited to information gathering and it could be used for talking to people or shop from electronic stores. Heck, you can do some of that in your phones or tablets. Kids born in this digital era has everything they need; some of us has to work hard to get them.

In this post, I want to talk about difference between’s Naruto and Boruto’s ninja life in regards to technology.

Naruto – Old World Ninjas

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The story of Naruto tells a story about a young kid named Naruto Uzamaki who was born as an outcast from his home village and he was raised alone. The reason why is because he harbors the spirit of the Nine-Tails Fox inside of him and the Tailed Beast is a dangerous beast that almost destroyed the village. With the last of his strength, the Fourth Hokage sealed the beast inside Naruto when he just a baby. Now older, Naruto dreams of becoming Hokage, a village ruler, in order to gain respect from people and be the best ninja. Along the way, he meets people that either becomes his friends and enemies. Things are not easy for Naruto as he faces adversary that wants to bring harm to not only his village. He meets enemies like the traitorous Orochimaru who seeks power and immortality, the world peace seeking terriorist group, Akatsuki and the his own friend that sacrificed his friendship for power Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto must learn what it takes to be strong and fight for his goals and friends.

Boruto – New World Ninjas

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Taking place after Naruto’s story, Naruto and his friends grew up and now serve to protect the Leaf Village taking over the roles of the young ninjas is the new generations of ninjas. Naruto married Hinata Hyuga and they gave birth two children: Boruto and Himawari. Sakura and Sasuke got married and gave birth to a female Uchiha named Sarada. In this new story, Boruto and his friends learn the trials of a ninja in a modern setting. In this modern setting, the old ways of being a ninja is passed on through the works of technology.

Analyzing Boruto’s World – Ninjas with cheat codes

Now that you guys know briefly about Naruto-Boruto’s world, I want to specifically want to talk about Boruto’s world since his world corresponds the topic of technology. Unlike Naruto, Boruto grew up in a generation where people, citizens and ninjas, can use technology for their daily needs. Scientists have been more active in the ninja world by creating tools for ninjas. For example, in the past, some certain ninjas can learn specific jutsu from either training really hard or learning it from a specific clan. Naruto had to learn the hard way to perform the Rasengan and certain people can learn jutsus based on a clan like Shikamaru and the Shadow Possession Jutsu. However, in the world of Boruto, you can learn all this with technology. In the beginning of Boruto’s adventures, Boruto’s sensei Konohamaru shows the team that with the power of the scientific ninja tools, ninjas are able to perform powerful jutsu without chakra consumption and without being tied to bloodline. With this, Konohamaru is able to perform Shikamaru’s jutsu the Shadow Possession jutsu.

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These tools make it easier for ninjas to do missions; however, the use of these tools can be a double edged sword in the wrong hands. Later in the story, Boruto wishes to be trained by Sasuke in order to find out if Naruto has any weakness. In order to be trained by Sasuke, he has to learn how to perform the Rasengan, Naruto’s signature move. Boruto decides to cheat his way into learning the move by borrowing some scientific tools from a scientist that serves the 7th Hokage and his name is Katasuke. Katasuke hopes to use Boruto as a way to show off his technology and show that his tech is the path of being a ninja. Boruto, with the devices, learns the Rasengan and decides to to keep the devices for the Chunin Exam. Boruto’s goal for participating the exams is to impress his father. Unfortunately, Boruto can not fool his dad and this upsets Naruto when his own son using a device to cheat his way to winning matches. It’s a great insult because Boruto is using a device to use complicated jutsu on his classmates who are using their techniques they have been practiced without. Don’t worry, Boruto redeems himself later on real shortly.

Tech to save lives?

In the manga of Boruto, we get some more scientific ninja tools in the story. In Chapter 16, Boruto and Naruto have a quick trial match between each other. At first it seems odd that Boruto’s justu is getting absorbed by Naruto, but it turns out that Naruto has been a prosthetic arm to test out the scientific ninja tool. This angers Boruto because after going through what happened to him in the Chunin Exam, he thinks ninjas using those kind of tools are cheaters and not real ninjas.

Boruto: Chapter 16 - Page 36

Boruto: Chapter 16 - Page 37

However, thanks to Sasuke’s quick pep talk, he tells Boruto that the main idea is how to use the tools. Rather than calling all those tools bad, he should learn to use them just in case of emergencies. In an exam like the Chunin Exams, using tools to win is bad and it’s considered cheating, but if the world was endangered, you have the right to use them.

Boruto: Chapter 16 - Page 38

In fact, in Chapter 18, Boruto and his team has to deliever some equipment to the scientist Katasuke at his research center. At first, everyone except Boruto is intrigued with all the technology that this place has been made for ninjas such as flash bombs and special gloves for climbing. Boruto sees this as a mockery for true ninjas and thinks this cheating the ninja way. However, his opinion changes when he sees a ninja dog happy, but with a prosthetic leg. Katasuke’s assistant Inuzuka Akita tells him that the dog lost its leg from doing a mission, but thanks to Katauke’s technology, they were able to restore what was lost.

Boruto: Chapter 18 - Page 7

Boruto: Chapter 18 - Page 31

Boruto: Chapter 18 - Page 32

Boruto: Chapter 18 - Page 33

Conclusion – Can technology be sufficient or unnecessary?

What do we know about technology? Technology is something that is going to be used everyday whether you accept it or deny it, it’s something we usually need. Whether you use a phone or an actual calculator, people need tools for anything. We are fortunate enough to have these things for everyday usage such as shopping for specific items, calling in for mobile driving such as Uber, keeping contact with people far away and staying informed with the world. However, there are people that believe we have too much access with technology to point some believe that we can’t go through the day without it. You might have heard that comment “you can’t go through the day without that phone.” The old generation is Naruto’s world where people didn’t have all this technology and they had to learn hand to hand training with personal activities such as writing papers with an actual pencil and pen, crafting blueprints for architect projects and actually remembering people’s telephone number. It wasn’t until people decided that something needs to be changed and then they got busy and crafted useful technology. With technology, we have smart phones, home computers like Alexa, and even play games with people across the world. The younger generation is Boruto’s world where they are born into this world with the gifts they have. Personally, I think it’s important for the young generation to learn about the past in order to appreciate the hard work people went through to get where we at. Technology is good and we should’t let it take it for grant it. It can make life fun and easy. It’s true that now we live in a world where technology is everywhere and it’s an everyday essential to the point where we have to take out phones with us, but we also shouldn’t be stuck on the screen. Enjoy life everyday. Use the technology to bring people close. I technology to talk to people online and form friendships. I use Skype to video talk to one of my friends because there are somethings I want to say that I can’t put into writing.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Tomorrow is Auri’s post.

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