Science anime Dr. Stone joins Toonami!

Oh my goodness, we’re getting a lot of new anime lately and some are leaving Toonami. With My Hero Academia season 3 ending, Toonami announced the anime Dr. Stone will be replacing this title. On August 24th, Dr. Stone will be on public TVs Saturday Night on Toonami along with other running shows like Dragon Ball Super, Fire Force, and Food Wars.



8 thoughts on “Science anime Dr. Stone joins Toonami!

  1. Toonami is really hitting its stride again. There was a point where it seemed to be slowing down with the new acquisitions, but between this and Fire Force it’s picking up some really big names now. Definitely awesome

    • Yeah I am noticing that lately. It feels like they are trying to join in the seasonal anime and trying to bring in some new content. Besides these we been getting new anime like The Promised Neverland and Gundam Origins.

      • That’s true, I forgot all about Neverland but that was also definitely a big pick up. I like the strategy of getting the seasonal anime, keeps things fresh

      • Yeah and it makes it easy for people to follow along the anime without having to pay for a subscription and also gets the first taste on the English Dub.

  2. Anime on regular TV is a good thing. That said I hear some sensitive types were moaning about Fire Force’s content.

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