One Punch Man game reveals new characters and gameplay

Image result for one punch man a hero nobody knows characters tatsumaki

If Dragon Ball doesn’t settle your tastebuds, how about One Punch Man. Bandai Namco previously announced that there is going to be a One Punch Man video game called One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. The game will be release for PS4, X1 and PC.

Now, Bandai Namco revealed in a game trailer of more updates. The game will include these three new characters: Terrible Tornado (Tatsumaki), Silver Fang (Bang), and Atomic Samurai (Kamikaze). The gameplay also shows that you can play in either 1v1 or 3v3 matches. Gameplay also shows that you will also have to survive in a fight long enough until Saitama shows up and defeat your opponent. Based on this trailer, Saitama will be able to one-hit kill your opponent and he is also invulnerable.

2 thoughts on “One Punch Man game reveals new characters and gameplay

    • Yeah I didn’t they would do something like this game. It’s like the game is aware that Saitama too strong lol. This probably going to be the gimmick in the story mode.

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