Black Panther 2 movie confirmed!

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Remember how everyone went crazy for Black Panther in 2018? Good news for the fans, we’re getting a sequel! In the second day of D23, it’s been confirmed by Marvel Studios that there is going to be a Black Panther 2 movie. Movie director, Ryan Coogler is coming back for this movie. Black Panther is expected in theaters May 6th, 2022

4 thoughts on “Black Panther 2 movie confirmed!

      • I’d like to see them introduce the White Wolf. You know how in the first film Killmonger was all about taking over the world and having Wakanda retreat inside itself while T’Challa wanted to branch out? The Wolf guy is T’Challa’s brother and is also extreme, but on the opposite side. He totally wants to embrace the outside world to a dangerous extent so T’Challa would be forced to take the opposite stance. It’d be a nice contrast to the first film, but if not I’m definitely down for whoever they choose. I’m not familiar with most of his enemies so it’d be new either way to me

      • That would be cool if that happened. It would be nice to see T’Challa take on challenges that would risk his kingdom and his title. The first movie was good. Now after everything that happened after Endgame, I am pretty sure things are going to be tough with him now. There’s more enemies that will challenge his kingdom and politics.

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