Nintendo Direct News: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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Gamers, get your Switch because Super Smash Bros Ultimate is going to get epic! Masahiro Sakurai, the game director behind Super Smash Bros Ultimate made some announcements in the recent Nintendo Direct. Today is the official release of the announced character Banjo and Kazooie. Banjo and Kazooie is owned by game company Rare but they are also owned by Microsoft and their first game was released in the Nintendo 64 in 1998. Not only that these two characters are in this game, but players will also be able to play in the iconic world Spiral Mountain.

Keep an eye out for guest characters in the background and have fun with the final smash!

This isn’t the only news I have. Also announced on the same day, it’s been confirmed that Fatal Fury fighter Terry Bogard will be joining this game as the fourth DLC character and he is expected to be released in November.

Even though these characters are not DLC, you can at least make then with your Miis. It’s been announced that Super Smash Bros will be adding customize-able outfits for your Miis. You can dress your Miis as Zero from Mega Man, Team Rocket trainers, Mystic Ninja and Sans from Undertale.

There is also going to be a major update to Ultimate called Vers. 5.0.0. In this update, players can customize the Mii Fighters special moves. Coming back from the Melee, players will also be able to play Home Run Contest. In this mode, you or with a friend can work together to do damage to a sandbag and launch them across the field to break records.

Last but definitely not least, Sakurai made a comment that he does plan to bring in more fighters aside from the Fighters Pass. So if you are still asking for characters like Sora, Dante, Shantae, Master Chief or Mai Shiranui, don’t give up! There might be a chance for these characters to show up.

That’s all the news I gathered today. What’s your thoughts?

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