Friday Funny 229: Summer is unBEARable!


Thank God it’s Friday! Happy Friday everyone! How are you guys doing today? I hope everyone is doing okay and I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. Over here it’s been really busy because of people wanting to escape for vacation. Before we begin, let me tell you some quick news. Nintendo release a Nintendo Direct news livestream where they revealed upcoming game contents and news. One of the the news was about Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The guest character Banjo and Kazooie are already out and ready to be downloaded the eShop via separately or Fighters Pass. It’s also been announced that Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury would be the next DLC fighter. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is going to be getting a lot of content like home run contest mode and Mii costume pieces. We’re also getting Switch ports of past Wii U games and some older ones such as Devil May Cry 2 for Switch and a Definitive Edition of Xenoblade. Online members will be getting SNES classic games too! This is all good news for Switch fans. Coming out this weekend in the movies, we have the sequel to 2017 movie called It Chapter 2. The killer clown Pennywise is back and he is going to try and kill the kids who are now adults in this sequel. Fortunately, there are no killer clowns in this post… not that I know. Please be sure to donate to my Ko-fi as well to help me with my website:

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Last but not least, Tokyo Game Show is coming soon. Keep an eye out for your favorite games from different companies in this game starting on Sept 11-15. For me, I am going to keep my eyes peeled for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND.

Let’s get this weekend started!




In honor to celebrate Banjoo and Kazooie joining Smash, here are some videos to check out I been watching:

Have you played Banjo-Kazooie? Anyway, see you next week!

10 thoughts on “Friday Funny 229: Summer is unBEARable!

    • Happy Friday Paul! I heard this movie was supposed to be good like the first movie. I hope you have fun watching it and avoid scary clowns XD. Stay safe and have fun!

      • Thank you. Yeah, went to see IT Chapter 2, the film had an exceptionally good cast, lots of thrills and chills. I really liked it, wrapped up the storyline from the first film in a very powerful and emotional way.

      • That’s interesting. I hear people say the effects was scary but good. It looks like they did a good job on picking the characters and following the story from the books.

  1. Congrats! 1000+ views in a single day is incredible.

    Definitely glad to have Banjo in the fold. I’ve been having difficulty getting wins with him, but I aim to keep practicing until I’ve got him at a high level. Who’d have ever guessed we could have had so many big characters back in the day right? Smash just keeps on getting bigger and bigger!

    • Thanks. I am surprised this much attention in one day.
      Banjo is tough indeed. He feels like a heavy character and he reminds me of characters like Ice Climbers and Duck Hunt.I like how Nintendo brought him into Smash even though he currently belongs with Microsoft. Now we’re getting Terry. I wonder what else new characters we’re getting.

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