Violet Evergreen movie will be delayed

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Some of you may already know about the deadly arsonist fire that took the lives of many at Kyoto Animation studios. Even though some KyoAni anime was saved, we lost innocent people by the hands of evil. From Kyoto Animation, we have the anime Violet Evergarden. It was announced a while back that there is plans of a spin-off movie and a motion picture movie. Unfortunately, one of them will be put on hold.

According to Crunchyroll, an updated post at the official website states that the movie Violet Evergarden the Movie was planned to be released on January 2020, but it will instead be put on hold. It’s unknown how long do we have to wait, but we gotta be patient and let time heal any pain for the victims. Here is what it says:

“apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the release” and thanks fans “for (their) continued support of the Violet Evergarden series.”

As for the spin-off movie, Violet Evergarden: Spin-Off – Eternity and Auto Memory Doll, this movie was done on Sept 6th and it was released in Japan. This spin-off movie was completed before the fire.



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