Fairy Tail video game announced!

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Fans, rejoice, especially if you are a Fairy Tail. It’s been announced that the Hiro Mashima’s series Fairy Tail will be getting a video game. So far it’s just an announcement and we haven’t gotten details yet but all we know is that Fairy Tail is going to be coming out on 2020 for PS4, Switch and PC/Steam. This game will also be done by Koei Tecmo, the same company that works on Orochi Warriors, One Piece Pirate Warriors and Attack on Titan. However, this game will not be “musuo-style” game, a game where the player fights waves of enemies; this Fairy Tail game will be an RPG game. More details on coming in this upcoming Tokyo Game Show (9/12-15)

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tail video game announced!

  1. This has potential. I didn’t like the Fairy Tail manga because of the fanservice, but I like the concept and that’s where a video game adaption can really take this all the way. Seems like not much is known about it yet so I’ll have to stay tuned

    • Yeah I been hearing complain that Fairy Tail has a lot of fan service. It would be interesting to see where does the game have in mind on story and content. We might get more information next week.

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