Friday Funny 230: Friday is going to kill me


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another exciting episode of Friday Funny! It’s me Matthew and I here to help kick start your weekend with memes. Before I begin this post, I got some news for you from this week. The bad news is that today is Friday the 13th! Watch out for any hockey player killers. In other news, I hope you been keeping your eyes on the Tokyo Game Show this week. We’re going to be getting a lot of awesome new games for 2020. From Final Fantasy VII Remake to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, new games are coming out this winter and spring. I am not sure what’s the weather is like where you live but over here, it’s starting to get really cold here. Fall is near us and that means it is time to bring out all the pumpkin spice scents to Starbucks and in the house. This also means get ready for Fall holidays like Halloween, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. We’re near the end of 2019! Also, don’t forget to donate to Ko-fi to help my website:

I hope these memes keep you away from Jason.

I actually don’t have anything funny to share, so I am just going to share these random anime AMV op videos instead.

Bye everybody and thank you!

4 thoughts on “Friday Funny 230: Friday is going to kill me

  1. Happy Friday! Great to see all the news from the Tokyo gameshow this week! Also wend to see IT 2 last weekend, that was a good spooky film. Perhaps they should’ve save it for this week as its Friday 13th LOL! Have a great weekend.

    • Happy Friday Paul! These game news was a quite a treat. I love seeing my favorite games in the news. They should have put It 2 today to match the horror theme of the weekend 😂. I hope your weekend is stress-free and exciting 😀 .

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