Donald and Goofy Monster Inc Pops!

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Donald! Goofy! All for one and one for all!

This is just a short post showing another set of Pops I have currently have. In the end of July, I bought these two Kingdom Hearts III Pop Funko figures from Hot Topic in July. I got the Monsters, Inc. versions of Donald and Goofy. These two go together with my Monsters, Inc. version of Sora. I got Sora a while back in last Christmas from Ezra. In Kingdom Hearts III, Sora, Donald and Goofy goes to Monsters, Inc. world and team up with Mike and Sully and help return Boo home while also fighting the Unverse and Vanitas.

33-34. Donald and Goofy (Monsters, Inc. versions in Kingdom Hearts III)

The junior heroes are back and scary!

I currently have 34 Pop Funko figures!

One Piece World Seeker Sabo DLC trailer

I hope you guys didn’t forget this video game. If you still have One Piece: World Seeker, I hope you guys bought the season pass or at least remembered that this game has DLC. Coming in as the second DLC pack, we have Episode Sabo. Instead of focusing on Luffy and his crew, you can play as Luffy’s brother Sabo. In his episode, Sabo explores the prison island and investigate the marines activities such as selling weapons in a black market and their goal of collecting Dyna stones. This DLC will have Sabo facing the marines such as Rob Lucci and Akainu. This DLC will be released for PS4, X1 and PC on September 20th.

Episode Zoro is already available for purchase and the next Epiosde will be about Law and it will be released in the winter.

ICYMI: Ash Ketchum wins Alola Championship

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It took 22 years for this 10 year old trainer to become a champion. This news has been buzzing like crazy on Sunday. It was announced in Japan and revealed in the Japanese Pokemon anime Twitter than Satoshi (English name Ash) has just won the Alola League Championship. This has happened in the Japanese TV programmings and this will be shown in America with the English Dub at Disney XD channel. This is the first Ash has ever won a champion ship; in the past, Ash had his share of defeats and even came up as a runner up in the previous region in Kalos.

How do you feel about Ash winning? Check out Veronica Taylor’s response to Ash winning. She was the first English Dub voice actress for Ash: