One Piece World Seeker Sabo DLC trailer

I hope you guys didn’t forget this video game. If you still have One Piece: World Seeker, I hope you guys bought the season pass or at least remembered that this game has DLC. Coming in as the second DLC pack, we have Episode Sabo. Instead of focusing on Luffy and his crew, you can play as Luffy’s brother Sabo. In his episode, Sabo explores the prison island and investigate the marines activities such as selling weapons in a black market and their goal of collecting Dyna stones. This DLC will have Sabo facing the marines such as Rob Lucci and Akainu. This DLC will be released for PS4, X1 and PC on September 20th.

Episode Zoro is already available for purchase and the next Epiosde will be about Law and it will be released in the winter.

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