Final Fantasy VII Remake introduces Classic Mode and new features

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If you been watching the gameplay trailers of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake game, you may have noticed the game plays in a action focused style similar to games like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts. This may be good news for some while others don’t find it appealing. I got good news for classic veteran FFVII gamers. It’s been revealed in the Square Enix blog that the team will be providing the option to play the game just like the original game called Classic Mode. Originally, in the classic version, players would have to wait for the ATB (Active Time Battle) system gauge to be filled before doing any command such as attack or magic. In this new Remake game, players control the characters and fight in order to fill up the ATB gauge and unleash powerful attacks. Now, Square wants to give fans the ability to play this new game old school style. In Classic Mode, the characters will fight on their own while the player focus on the commands. Also, players can use their ATB gauge for summonings and use their powers.

Are you guys going to play classic mode?


Square Enix

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