Boruto: Naruto Generation 20th Anniversary Project anime arc reveal!

It’s been 20 years since the original Naruto manga made its debut in Weekly Shonen Jump manga. As a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary, TV Tokyo announced that there is going to be a special anime arc in the anime Boruto: Naruto Generation. There’s no further details on the plot, but it’s been revealed that the protagonist Boruto will meet his father as a kid (classic Naruto probably as 12 or 13). The voice for kid Naruto will be Junko Takeuchi once again. Here are some notes from the voice actors and even manga creator Masashi Kishimoto.

Message from Junko Takeuchi:

“Wow! Child Boruto meets and talks with Child Naruto! Boruto is smart, while Naruto’s unpredictability is No.1. What kind of relationship will the two build? Don’t miss it. ^_^”

Message from Boruto VA Yuko Sanpei:

“It is a so exciting new story development, like not jut one, but many dreams come true. I can’t wait to see how you react when it is aired. We have become so passionate in voice recording sessions without thinking. Please be excited about it.”

Message from Masashi Kishimoto:

“The anime staff have sincerely answered to my crazy idea, ‘It must be exciting if Boruto and Naruo in his childhood meet.’ In addition to Boruto, Naruto, and Sasuke, I have heard that other familiar characters will also return! Please enjoy watching this festival!”



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