Jump Force video reveals Toshiro gameplay

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In my past post, I mentioned that Jump Force will be adding Toshiro Hitsugaya to the crossover game Jump Force. Captain Histugaya is from Bleach and the game will be using his final arc form the manga. Today, Bandai Namco has released a gameplay trailer of Toshiro in action. No release yet, but he is expected to come out late 2019.

Playstation Vue is ending service on 2020

PlayStation Vue

This is a sad time for PS owners because you going to have to say goodbye to this service. PS owners may have used this service called Playstation Vue, a service where people can watch TV from the Playstation. Users can watch exclusive shows on the PlayStation and watch on demand movies and TV shows on your TVs. This is a service that competed against services like Hulu+ and SlingTV. According to Crunchyroll, Playstation Vue is ending its service on January 30, 2020.

PS4 game Death Stranding comes to PC

Great news for PC owners out there! I bring you some exciting news in the video game world. As you may know, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is creating a new game called Death Stranding and it will be out on Nov 8th of 2019 for PS4. It looks like it’s been recently announced that this game will be coming to not only PS4, but also on PC. Unfortunately, PC owners will have to wait for 2020 in order for the company work out the systems for all PCs.

The PS4 game will be out on Nov 8th while PC will be out on summer 2020.

Vic Mignogna appeals case for defamation lawsuit on Funimation

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If you read my past post about Vic’s trial case on Funimation, I wrote that the the judge dismissed voice actor Vic Mignogna’s case against his former co-workers Monica Rial, her fiancee Ron Toye and her friend Jamie Marchi for defamation and alleged accusation on sexual harassment. To make  along story short, the judged dismissed Vic’s case and this means the Funimation employees Monica, Jamie and Ron won the case.

However, it looks like Vic may be able to fight back for a second chance. According to Bounding Into Comics, it was hinted by a YouTuber named Nick Rekieta that Vic was going to appeal and then following this, YouTuber HeroHiei revealed an electronic document revealing that Vic wishes to appeal his case.

He filed the appeal on Oct 24th and Funimation will have a hearing for Nov 21st, 2019. This appeal will be heard by Judge Chupp, the judge who dismissed Vic’s case.

Even though Vic lost the battle, could he win the war or lose it? Now we just wait.



Bounding Into Comics

Anime app lets you talk to Konosuba Megumin

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If you are an Android user, you might have remembered the anime app Wake Me Up, Asuna. That app allowed fans to talk to Asuna and she responds back at you whether you are speaking English or Japanese. She would wake up if your phone was on as an alarm and she will always hi to you. She was also voiced by the same voice actress in the anime (only the Japanese voice actress). Unfortunately, this app later discontinued in January 15th, 2019.

Now, looks like Asuna has some competition in the app world. Once was an an exclusive Japanese app, there is an English app where you can have the explosive mage girl Megumin from Konosuba in your phone. According to Crunchyroll, there is an app called Isekai where you can talk to the characters and have them respond and perform functions like doing a timer and alarm. Currently, Isekai will allow fans to talk to Megumin. The app has just released an English pack DLC where she will respond back to you and understand you in English. The voice actress is still the same person, Rie Takahashi.

The English pack is around $7 and this will allow her to speak in English text and hear you in English. The app will be for Android AND Apple users.

Sorry Asuna, as much as I love having you in my phone, I have to move. Are you excited to have Megumin in your phone?



Isekai website

ISEKAI app featuring Megumin

JP voice actress introduces character in new Sword Art Online game

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To those who don’t know, Bandai Namco are planning on creating a new Sword Art Online game based on the Alicization arc. The new game is called Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris and it will be coming out on PS4, X1 and PC. In one of my old posts, I mentioned that Bandai Namco has released a tease revealing a new original character for the game’s story. Her name is Medina and she is going to be involved with Kirito and Eugeo’s story in Alicization. Today, I found a YouTube video from Bandai Namco of Europe revealing the voice actress of Medina. In Crunchyroll, the voice actress is named Miho Okasaki and she will be voicing the character Medina Orthinanos. Okasaki voiced Rimuru in the anime That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime.


New characters join One Piece and One-Punch Man games

In case you missed out on some game news, I got you covered. With these games slowly but surely are coming out on 2020, we’re getting new information each day. Bandai Namco announced some new characters joining in the upcoming One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 and One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

In One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, two heroes join in the game. We have the Tank Top Army featuring Tank-Top Master and the brothers Tank-Top Blackhole and Tank-Top Tiger. We also have S-rank hero Metal Bat.

In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, Basil Hawkins becomes a playable character. He is the user of the straw-straw fruit and with his powers, he can manipulate straws and use voodoo magic on his enemies. Gameplay images also reveals that characters like Sabo, Aokiji (Kuzan) and Blackbeard pirates Marshall and Jesus Burgess will be in the game in a original story in Wano.

Friday Funny 236: The last of Friday October? Scary news am I right?



Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of Friday Funny! This Matthew from Matt-in-the-Hat and I am here to help kick start this scary weekend! I hope everyone is having a nice week this week and staying safe. The reason why I am doing a Halloween themed Friday post today is because next Friday is November 1st. Halloween actually starts on a Thursday and if I did my Friday posts on a Thursday, it would be called TGITH, Thank God It’s Thursday. Now that we are reaching the end of October, it’s time to start getting ready for Halloween. Halloween is a fun time to dress up and go trick or treating or go to Halloween parties. Who are you going to be this year? We some dark and interesting movies this month if you are interested to going to the movies. We have movies like Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, The Addams Family and we have Joker. Stay away from shady people or people dressed as clowns and make sure you inspect the candy before eating. Once November comes, get ready for the next big holidays which is Thanksgiving. Can you believe that we reaching the end of 2019?

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I promise you no tricks in these memes but they are treats:


Here are some spooky tunes to help hype Halloween:

See you in next year’s Halloween!

Anime NYC hosts special Lupin the 3rd anime

It’s not the CGI movie, but we’re going to be getting some Lupin the 3rd anime. According to Crunchyroll, Anime NYC is planning to screen a special English Dub premiere of Lupin the 3rd: Goodbye Partner.

The English Dub premiere will be on November 17th, 2019 at 3PM. It will be located at venue’s Room 1E02.

This is the synopsis:

Lupin has his eyes set on the rare diamond dubbed the Time Crystal. The heist seems to be going well enough when he’s betrayed by his trusted partner Jigen. Is this the end of the Lupin gang? Join the world’s greatest thief yet again in his latest adventure to find out!

Persona 5 “Dynasty Warriors” game announced?!

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Key Art

Persona is a popular game franchise that really knows how to attract RPG and anime lovers. We have the usually RPG games and we even have the dance spinoff games. Recently, Persona 5 is going to get an expansive version of the standard game with new content called Persona 5 Royal. That game won’t come out until 2020 for PS4 for Western fans. However, recently, Atlus has teased and revealed another new Persona 5 video game for PS4 and Swich. This game is called Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. As of now, this game is only for Japan and it will be released on February 20, 2020. If there is any news for a Western release, I will keep you up to date. According to the game’s trailer, Persona 5 Scramble will be a “musou” or Dynasty Warriors game where players can control their favorite character from the Phantom Thieves and fight off multiple enemies. It is being done by Atlus and Dynasty Warriors company Koei Tecmo and developed by Omega Force who is well-known for works like The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors and Dynasty Warriors 9. The game will take place after the story of Persona 5 (not sure if Persona 5 Royal also affects this game’s story).

If this game came out for English localization, would you buy it?