Friday Funny 233 – Life is a joke made by society’s tragedy


Thank God it’s Friday! This is Matthew from Matt-in-the-Hat! Welcome back to another exciting and scary episode of Friday Funny! The reason why I say scary is because we are officially in October and this also means we are in the spooky season. Get ready for Halloween as people buy costumes, candy and pumpkins. If you are not trick or treating, you can stay home and watch some scary movies. If you’re going to the movies, go check out DC’s Joker. Unlike most comic book movies, this movie will be connected to the movies like Wonder Woman, Aquaman or Shazam, but rather, it is going to be its own solo movie set in a realistic world. Watch as Arthur becomes the Joker in a sad reality he lives in and watch him laugh through his pain. This movie is rated R so don’t take your kids to see it and this movie is fiction. Don’t take it too literal. The actor of Joker will be Joaquin Phoenix and based on the trailers, he nails the character. Will this movie be an Oscar nominated movie? Could be. If Black Panther was able to get an Oscar for a diverse cast, anything is possible.  What’s scarier than a guy in clown make up or an embodiment of fear that haunts kids? It’s the reality of society!

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Let’s laugh at today’s misery.


Here are some Joker videos to bring in the hype:

Remember to smile 🙂

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