Dress up in these costumes in Dissidia NT

Image result for final fantasy versus xiii

Anyone remember Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Even though this game is now called Final Fantasy XV, get ready to access Noctis’ Versus XIII costume but in the game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Revealed at Crunchyroll, Square Enix is planning to release another game update in which players will be able to buy and download costumes on November 7th. Once the update is complete, players will be able to get 3rd and 5th costumes of Noctis and Shantotto; they’ll also get new weapons too. You can get these costumes for PS4 and Steam in the paid and free version.

Before Final Fantasy XV existed, there was another game that was planned to be released in companion to Final Fantasy XIII. This game was going to be alternate universe of FFXIII but the game later went in hiatus and then later came back as Final Fantasy XV with a different remodel.

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