PS4 game Death Stranding comes to PC

Great news for PC owners out there! I bring you some exciting news in the video game world. As you may know, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is creating a new game called Death Stranding and it will be out on Nov 8th of 2019 for PS4. It looks like it’s been recently announced that this game will be coming to not only PS4, but also on PC. Unfortunately, PC owners will have to wait for 2020 in order for the company work out the systems for all PCs.

The PS4 game will be out on Nov 8th while PC will be out on summer 2020.

One thought on “PS4 game Death Stranding comes to PC

  1. I have not played the game myself but I have been following up on others on Youtube and one of the things that captured my attention right from the start is the details of the environment & characters.

    The graphics are so unbelievable!!

    There is nothing much to the storyline except for some good concepts. And from what I have seen so far, just being just a porter and repeated attacks by BTs and other mules, after a while will get bored.

    But if you are an adventurer and want to explore the environment, this will be a perfect game that will keep you occupied for hours.

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