Friday Funny 237: Leaving October! See you next year!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome everyone for another fun-filled Friday post. It’s me Matthew and I am here to kick start your Friday with a bang! I hope everyone is doing well since yesterday was Halloween. I wish Halloween was on Friday so I can make this a Halloween themed post but alas, life isn’t fair. It is almost like Jason Voorhees trying to celebrate Friday the 13th on a Friday the 12th or Thursday the 13th. But it’s not all bad, Today is November and this means we are reaching the near the end of 2019. Since Halloween is over, this means all Halloween candy is on sale. Go buy some candy corn! This Sunday is Daylight Savings; we fall back an hour. In November, get ready for Disney content! Besides the upcoming movie Frozen 2, Disney will be releasing the streaming service Disney+. Disney+ will allow fans of Disney to watch and binge watch all Disney TV shows and movies. You’ll be able to watch Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, Pixar and even National Geographic. November is also a good month for the holiday Thanksgiving where Americans like us can eat the big turkey and eat like kings and queens. Do you guys have any big plans for November? Can you believe that we are in the penultimate of 2019? We are near the endgames.

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Let’s start this November with a big bang introduction!

To celebrate the upcoming Disney+, here are some Marvel cartoons we can expect from Disney+

See you next kiddos!



6 thoughts on “Friday Funny 237: Leaving October! See you next year!

      • Glad you got your power back quickly! And some Halloween sweets to boot. But man, if you want candy, too bad we didn’t live near each other. Made 120 bags for trick-or-treaters, and had a grand total of…22. So have tons of candy left over!

      • Aw man, I wish I could have your candy lol. Yeah out of all the days, they had to cut my power so they can change the electrical poles. Still, candy is a blessing lol.

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