Disney+ will have global release in 2020

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Hello Disney fans! As we are couple days away until Disney+ is released, most of us are going to subscribe to this service and watch many Disney content including exclusives. You might be wondering, will this only be for North American users or will be all access to all? I got good and bad news. Good news is that Disney+ will be released for fans all over the world such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. These are known announced locations in which fans will be able to stream and more than likely, more will be added. The bad news is that EU fans will have to wait 2020 to get access. The official release for Disney+ for EU fans will be March 31, 2020.

One Piece x Cup Noodle music video

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You may have seen the commercials through Crunchyroll, Nissin has partnered with Shonen series One Piece and promote cup noodles. What makes the commercials unique is that with a different animating team, the One Piece characters appear as high school students in a slice of life world. Even characters like Brook and Chopper appear as humans as oppose to them appearing like a talking skeleton and reindeer. In the past commercials, we seen videos of focusing on Zoro and another one about Nami. Today, Nissin teamed up again but this time, they got the band BUMP OF CHICKEN to do a music video about One Piece and cup noodles. The song is called “Kinen Satsuei”.